Wednesday, August 17, 2011


First dengar terus fell in love.

What's in my bag so far

1. 9 short sleeved shirts
2. 3 blouses
3. 3 long-sleeved shirts
4. 2 tops paras lutut
5. 1 track bottom
6. 6 shawls (3 orange, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green)
7. 4 tudung biasa (white, blue, pink, yellow)
8. 2 tudung sauk, that which you people call nun tudung
9. 1 kain batik
10. 1 jubah
11. 1 baju kurung
12. 1 khaki pants
13. 1 grey slacks, they were previously my golf pants
14. 2 jeans (1 of it still in use, belum masukkan)
15. 1 lab coat (jimat, takyah beli sana)
16. 1 set of linens
17. 3 pairs of ankle-length socks, perhaps will add more

belum pack:

1. benda-benda kecil
2. my brooches
3. my set of black tights
4. my sneakers
5. my selipar
6. toiletries and the little bit of stationery
7. sweaters (my blue hoodie and black cardigan, and deciding which of mama's to bring) and mak adik's winter clothing
8. papa's adapter
9. one more of my pants that I love to wear but nipis one. for duduk rumah purposes.
10. 2 black tudungs
11. Quran, al-mathurat, praying mat, telekung

apa lagi ye?? cukup ke tidak, hmm..

*note: no food and I might kurangkan my shawls. that's tad bit banyak. not so much aku nak bergaya. -.-"

Monday, August 08, 2011

McMaster Timetables

I just got em today, and I made my own timetable with colored sections in them:

Term 1. Note: the EOW at 2.30 Tuesday is meant for Chem. I missed that one.

Term 2

Engineer 1A00, is Core 2, 2D - it's not in the timetable and will be announced later, it said. 

Regarding abbreviations,

ABB- A. N. Bourns Science Building
BSB- Burke Science Building
JHE- John Hodgins Engineering Building
MDCL- Micheal G. deGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery
TSH- Togo Salmon Hall
KTH- Kenneth Taylor Hall
ETB- Engineering Technology Building
ITB- Information Technology Building

Campus Building Map:

no, you can't actually click on highlighted buildings to see classroom, I just stole this image from Google. and there are other buildings too not included here.
Here's a vid of the acronyms and the buildings:

McMaster Acronym Guide from joy santiago on Vimeo.

Well, all left to do now is:

-Send passport to JPA
-Buy yellow ribbon
-Buy some kuih raya
-Finish packing
-Organize file
-Bukak buku sikit