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Sam Sylvester

Hi, I'm Samuel John Sylvester, but you can call me Sam. I'm twelve, going on thirteen, and I live in Kestrel City. At first, I live in Egdemont, but after my parents divorced, my mum decided to move. Talk about starting over with a new slate!
Now I'm the new kid at Kestrel City Junior Highschool. Nobody knows me here. They don't even know my name well enough to know my little secret-I'm psychic!
I bet you're thinking that I'm just your typical nutcase who thinks that he can read minds and hallucinate about seeing ghosts nand know what? I guess you're right, but sometimes the things that happen at school are so inexplicable that you'll swear that you'll never ever be sane again.
Sometimes, it's a matter of belief. I used to be a sceptic myself, but unless I was suffering from an incurable psychological disorder, I had to live with the fact that not all things in life is what they seem. Who'd ever expected that a new planet wou…