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I can't sleep.
It's 12.13 in the morning of May 30th and I've just finished reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper, the best novel of the year yet I've read.
Highly recommended for readers looking for a book that can have an impact on their lives other than Paolo Coelho, but that actually depends if you're actually susceptible to the heart-rending experience of trawling through such tomes for inspirational stories.
Well, all in all..this book has not failed me. The twist and suspense unravels beautifully which makes this a gripping unputdownable story.
In the middle it does get boring a bit when the author dishes out on the regular days of human beings, delaying the pace slightly, as expected, but only then did I realize that it actually had me off guard temporarily to deliver the climactic blow of one of the most memorable endings, I should say.
It had my tears suddenly streaming down my cheeks for some inexplicable reason.
well, worth the spend, I should say…

Break's Over, The Take Over

Right up from the principal's retirement to HKSBP debate,
my school life has been very much eventful.
I don't know how I did on the exams this time, though
but I'm expecting the results to 'hurt' a bit
now that I'm back, I feel like just kicking off my
shoes off my sore feet
and jump under the covers

rest and relax...
it has been quite a while since I last had one..

Yellow Ribbons

it's been a looong time since I last blogged
and after a while, I found myself a need to blog!
The debate ranks ffrom UIA has arrived. Faris is at rank 44. I'm at rank 106 in the speakers' list with Zuhri Kamil of STAR at the very top.
Then, from UIA, I went straight to HKSBP Zon Timur in BAtu Rakit. I was sursprised I was champion for public speaking, but I figured that maybe the big competitors have already retired and finally gave me a chance for first.
Right now, I'm busy with the mids
I've recently read Darren Shan's Demonata Book Three: Slawter and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters, borrowed from Farhan.
I didn't like Darren Shan, but Percy was great!! I love Greek Mythology, haha, one of the facts in the sudut maklumat of my Sejarah book.
I also read JAsmines On The 4th Floor, can't remember who wrote it, though. I borrowed it from Fatin. it was a like a typical local romance novel, very cliche'd and stuff, but the beau…