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Cartoon Heroes

I was looking back on the old days on youtube with different opening themes of cartoons in the days of yore. I realized that cartoons back then were a lot different than cartoons nowadays. Most of the stuff I watched, at least, are made up of ensembles of superheroes.

well, that's because I liked Eduardo
Before there was CGI and megan fox, there was THIS! 
and of couse, them

Yeah, I grew up with all those. There are a lot more which I couldn't be bothered to list down or to find images off google for, I'd assure you, based on my cartoon database, I have a lot of those on them. I can safely claim that I watch most, if not all of the cartoons in the 1990's to early 2000's. And when I watch those cartoons, I've always aligned myself with the protagonist. I was the hero. Even if the hero were male, I'd easily identify myself with him, or her. 

There came a point in my life, when in kindergarten they'd ask me what my ambition was, and I'd tol…


I'd rest my head on the window pane,
as the bus moved down the road.
My eyes would imagine horses prancing in the fields that we passed by.
The continuous stream of colors on the fall-blanketed hills,
and the dancing leaves like animated fairy dust as the bus sped by,
was what I'd treasure and miss the most.

p/s: This picture I took look like some tumblr image that people would stick some emo caption on in the foreground.