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UIA 09 in brief

not many pics this year~

well, anyway.

it was fun running around looking for rooms in KAED, (not to mention looking for the toilets with Sharon!)

i was surprised at how Nafis, Izzat and i make quite a strong team, and I felt that our arguments improved compared to last year, more solid.

however in terms of rebuttals and elaboration, we still had problems with one-liners and not exactly explaining it effectively. due to that, there was late development in the points and the rebuttals did not do much damage to the opponent's case. let it be a lesson.

those were some of the things that the team could work on and i do hope despite being busy with the mid-years, we could still have debate practice to further improve our argumentation.

it was a learning experience. not my best year. I did better last year, more aggressive. all of a sudden, I lost my touch (doesn't that always happen to me?)

the judges really like izzat, our second speaker, because of his substance and yeah, he did good for…


Meniti zaman
pemodenan umat
aku menongkah arus
norma masyarakat

Yang disebut bertamadun itu
diertikan dengan
kesucian ternoda
pengorbanan insan demi pembangunan

Yang disebut kebebasan itu
diertikan dengan
penindasan secara implisit
oleh kerakusan kuasa besar

Yang disebut keamanan itu
diertikan dengan mulut yang bisu,
terdiam oleh kedahsyatan
autoriti kuku besi

Yang disebut halal itu haram
Yang disebut haram itu halal

Halusinasi hedonisme
trend-trend mengkhayalkan

menganggugugah dirian Iman
mencantas rasional pemikiran


menongkah arus
bukan kerana ingin mundur

aku menongkah arus
mataku celik
sedangkan mereka semua masih tidur

macam puisi reformasi pulak, but the real reason behind this puisi was basically diilhamkan from the drama 'Kerusi' in Antologi Kerusi.

well, from now on, I have to be careful with what I post in my blog. period.