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UIA 09 in brief

not many pics this year~

well, anyway.

it was fun running around looking for rooms in KAED, (not to mention looking for the toilets with Sharon!)

i was surprised at how Nafis, Izzat and i make quite a strong team, and I felt that our arguments improved compared to last year, more solid.

however in terms of rebuttals and elaboration, we still had problems with one-liners and not exactly explaining it effectively. due to that, there was late development in the points and the rebuttals did not do much damage to the opponent's case. let it be a lesson.

those were some of the things that the team could work on and i do hope despite being busy with the mid-years, we could still have debate practice to further improve our argumentation.

it was a learning experience. not my best year. I did better last year, more aggressive. all of a sudden, I lost my touch (doesn't that always happen to me?)

the judges really like izzat, our second speaker, because of his substance and yeah, he did good for his first year, well all the debaters did better than i did in their first year compared to my first year. he learns fast. he actually saved our caseline.

nafis improved as the first speaker and he gave better reply speeches and some of it actually helped the judges tip the debate into our favour. in our final debate, we actually had a strong mechanism, it was only because i didn't do my job well as the whip speaker.

no, i didn't do enough to maintain the debate on our side. i had to admit i was inconsistent. it was so obvious that i was running out of things to say and i couldn't wait to sit down, where i could have probably made more rebuttals or explained more on my rebuttals. i wasn't sure whether it was due to my sickness, or the fact that i have somehow deteriorated in my performance.

we also learned how to engage in a debate, which is to respond to the attacks or issues brought forth by the opponents, although not effectively yet.

all in all, debate was about CLASH.

we were matched up against a few MARA schools: Tun Ghafar Baba, their attacks are good. Kuala Lipis and batu pahat. we also debated against pasir puteh and sains selangor and smk bukit sentosa. most of them were indeed more superior in terms of language and presentation.

and this time round, i felt that i have pushed myself to the limit because although i came down with a fever on the night that we travelled to uia and i have not fully recovered, was sleep deprived with the runny nose, lethargicness, sore throat and a diarrhoea, i was surprised that i forced myself to pull through all the rounds. if it wasn't my final year, i preferably wouldn't want to debate in that condition ever again! I was in a crabby mood and it was uncomfortable.

Actually by the end of uia, almost everybody had some health complications. demam and sakit perut and all, including the bm team..kesian Midah...

but we made history by making it through to double octo even though we lost to mckk in that round. a slight improvement from last year.

the BM team made an extraordinary leap to the quarter finals, I wish them all the best. It was amazing how they came out strong all the way, and they could make it to the end. kudos to syakir, amin and aiman for doing a great job and fighting it out, living it up to their capacity. gosh, come to think of it, they have been debating together ever since form 1.

well, this officially marks the end of my uia interschool debate career, and not quite on the satisfactory note that I hoped for, I mean, in terms of my individual performance. at least, our core mission was fulfilled, which was to break through from the preliminary round.

well, like the adjudicator from our 6th and double octo round, bro Riasat said, it's not the end of the line yet. it's just the beginning of a real debate career in university and beyond.

i try to take this positively. =)

HK, here we come.


Arief said…
go girl! Ur the star of the debate. Obviously I'm not the talking machine and I wish I'm not....I'm not really into debate. ha!ha! Best of luck
InMine said…
Congratulation to all of you. You have done well. What it needs to be done is for the shchool to find new talents to replace the 3 of you who will be going for better things next year after yuor SPM.

busymum100 said…

Well done to you and other team members. I'm sorry your team didn't advance further, but to be in the top 32 is already an achievement.

I still can't imagine how Nafis debates! I hope he didn't let the team down.

Good luck in HK. You and the team can go there with your heads held high. Be strong and confident, because you've done it well in IIU.
fegha said…
masuk double octo?
rugi akak x tgk korang debate..

sgt rugi~
w said…
by the way
Faris petra setiap tahun mesti balik awal kan??
Ftma said…
Bravo kam! I got a new link.
Kam. . o.k laa masuk octo. .
at least mg dah prove yg skul kita dpt gak finally gi jauh. . huhu. . memg x cukup bg kita coz kita nak kejar juara. . but. . x de rezeki. . by the way. .
all da best in your study. . bz lg ke??? huhu. . jgn jadi mcm aku. . nanti menyesal x dpt stret A. .

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