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I am reading Amina Wadud's Inside The Gender Jihad

My status: According to Amina Wadud, "To claim full or perfect knowledge of God's will is to challenge the singularity and uniqueness of the Divine perfection." So, sapa claim, "ahh! aku dah belajar agama cara betul macam amalan Rasulullah" and "kau bersubahat dalam maksiat, nanti ramai berdosa ikut engkau" isan illustration of that statement.

Syrol Akmal ShaharomLike the status but 'unlike' amina wadud...

Kamilah Kamilkenapa unlike dia?

Syrol Akmal Shaharomto 'conservative' in Islamic way, know that you cannot force human reasoning to completely comprehend the divine, it is divine for that reason. Amina Wadud is known for her conservative and literalistic point of view. She tried to find equality defying sunnah once,

Kamilah Kamilokay, you can help me out in this, my ISU is about Amina Wadud. What else do you think of her?

Muhammad Shahrul Izwanamina wadud nie bkan yg jdi imam solat jumaat kat new york ke thun 2005....
sgguh controversi mn…

Have you ever?

Have you ever heard of this:

"Hoi, kau nak tegur aku, kau tu bukanlah betul sangat."

"Kau dah sempurna sangat ke nak tegur aku?"

Being a prefect, I came across this quite often, but the context that I'd like to discuss for today is that of giving sage advice. Okaylah, in simplest terms, "tegur kesalahan" orang.

The typical human being would generally tend to judge the speaker first before listening to what he or she says, so, to some, they think that only some people have the authority to speak about certain matters and zone out from listening to other people who don't match up to their criteria of having the authority to speak about a certain topic.

I have to admit, sometimes I do judge people too, but those are mostly in cases where I need to understand why they would say such a statement or if I doubt the truth in their sentences. For example in doing literary criticism, I am required to do that. Even so, I am still able to admire their articul…

Stuff To Do

I'm officially stressed out with assignments. Projects were not as many as this year last year, I only had my hands full with English. This year, I have to get all of this done before the March holidays:

1. Life of Pi essay.
2. Agama assignment, 7-page report and recording on 17th March.
3. Calculus project.
4. Physics Unit Test and picture of Rube-Goldberg base.
5. IELTS test for speaking and writing.
6. English Unit Test.
7. Agama final test.

I didn't know the Calculus project could take that long to do. Essay, grrhh. Agama, I don't know when to start on you, people have been busy. Physicsss.