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I'm here in the school library right now. I'm frustrated to tears now!! My BM is only 78 and that was my first time getting a 'B' on paper 2! Damn!!
I was this 'close' to winning a bet. Unfortunately, I only beat him in English. ANd yes, from the motivation session the whole form 3 and form 5 students got yesterday, being 'close' doesn't mean that you're there yet... =(
All in all, I'm just moping around about my bad result, but on the bright side, I did better this year, thanks to the little bit of inspiration from a little competition. I was challenged and I accepted it. May the best man win!! =)

All In Good Humour

It's the Rise of The Rebels

Have you listened to MCR's 'Teenagers'? well, it's all about that ever evolving teen culture and in this day and age, things were not as they used to be anymore.
As we can see in this era, teenagers are the dominant bunch on our planet. There is media based on teen culture, fashion trends set to teen interests.
Influence is a great force. Teenagers are easily influenced by their surroundings and may have the power to set a dominant world-wide trend. In fact, teenagers are one of the easy victims of globalization (i.e. the existance of the internet)
The internet is wonderful place. You can say whatever you want and you can get away with it (unless if you're being monitored by the government).

Of Black Parades and Crooked Homes

When you go would you even turn to say, I Don't Love You like I did yesterday..

Yesterday, I went for the PMR seminar. It was fun and helpful as it got my brain going. Love the History lesson!! I finished reading Crooked House by Agatha Christie. Intriguing play of psychology motives.
Today, I'm starting on my schoolwork-boring
Tomorrow, I'm doing the same thing all over again for the next 5 days...
As I return to school, I will face the wrath of my mid-year results... (shudder)

Buku Bertemu Ruas

Yes!!! I finally got my paws on the newest instalment of the Artemis Fowl series!!!!
Artemis is apparently going through a transition from anti-hero to hero now, but I do hope that he doesn't turn out to be in the same cluster as the Harry Potter bunch.. (sigh)
In this new book, Artemis has met his match and he takes on a very analytical outlook on his puberty phase. (for goodness sake, he's got a gal!)
I just watched the new Spidey movie and all I can say is that the 'EMO Parker' is so cool!!
All in all, I'm still recuperating from the HKSBP daze and in a few days time, I can concentrate on my piled-up work.