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Burned Out at the Starting Line

Well, seemingly as I don't expect my grades to be reflective for the appreciation of my efforts put into putting together the hardest crap I've ever had to write, I'll just post it here as consolation to my really battered and worn out soul that has been going on 3 hours of sleep for 3 days to get this crap done within 5 days.

Note to self, I've been out of the debating scene for too long, I should probably get back to doing that. Secondly, I should probably ensure that I am well-versed in argument fallacies before writing a Philosophy essay. I know what I write is far from being an actually good dialectical essay, but I'm open to criticisms, feel free to leave comments to refute any of my arguments, I know they're dangerously flawed as I wrote them, but I hadn't had time to refine it much, I had a major quiz to study for (major, because I desperately needed all the marks I could get). I'd really appreciate comments. Who knows if I ever have to write som…