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Arrghhh..I missed my post for Halloween...and my sister's mbirthday too. Ah well, drama competition is finally over and guess what? Lambda rules!!!
I've finished reading Jeffery Archer's Cat O' Nine Tales. As usual, the author hits the nail on the spot as he weaves his tale of raw reality. Twisted and intriguing. My favourite has to be the one about the chess set. Recently, I attended the Hari Anugerah cemerlang to receive my sijil for my academic performance last year, in complimentary to that, I've also received a Malay novel about the love towards God. I haven't read yet, but I think it's entitled 'Di Atas Sajadah Cinta'. It looks alright, I'm not really into romantic Malay novels and the word 'Cinta' simply turns me off from buying a Malay novel. However, the book did get a great review and from a glance, the bahasa is quite alright, so I guess I shall give it a try..