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1. I am not in the mood to churn out an essay.
2. A lot of meaningful political/sociological meaning to Hunger Games
3. I so much wished the romance was staged.
4. Men all eventually become devotees of Gaga and are gay and bimbo.
5. Hunger Games is the new Orwellian dystopia.
6. I have no sense of romance anymore.

well-played to keep up the delusions.

Religious Studies Essay Semester 2. Religious Authority

Nurulkamilah Matkamil Micheal Agnew March 6th 2012 1072 words Question: Compare the varieties of religious authority discussed in the textbook with your experience of “authority” in your local community.
            Leadership plays a significant role in community development. With it comes the notion of an authority or power to govern, to make decisions and to enforce obedience. Malaysia is a multicultural and multireligious country under parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. There is also a separation of power between the federal and state level government. Religious authority, mainly Islam, falls under the state government. Every state has their own mufti who acts as a religious advisor and issue fatwas (Lee).                         In the early days of Malaysia’s history, much of religious authority is centred on imams at a kampong, or village level (Means). The imams are the privileged few who had the opportunity to do their pilgrimage in Mecca and learn from renow…