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I have to do something

Things left to do:

tomorrow insyaAllah I'll send my reimbursement form.

1. collect i/c
2. wait for visa email
3. go to HCC to affix visa
4. send passport with affixed visa and medical forms to JPA, deadline one week before departure. expected date: 26th Aug, but not yet confirmed.
5. pack

Stuff to pack:

1. adapter (will get about 3. Canadian voltage is 110V)
2. clothes: shirts, t-shirts long-sleeve, short-sleeve, shawls, socks, shoes, sweaters, pants, jeans
3. toiletries: comb, deo, shampoo, wash
4. stationery
5. address and phone book (start filling in all those phone numbers and addresses)

Carry on:

1. one change of clothes
2. toiletries: each in 100ml bottles
3. my laptop bag with the charger and all and my camera with the charger and my phone charger.
4. a book to read

Important documents:

1. passport
2. fianancial affidavit
3. offer letter
4. some passport photos
5. boarding pass

Important documents kept in a file, easily accesible and tak tercicir.

Stuff to take care of:

1. …

Crazy People United

It's okay to admit your crazy, or you're weird, because here in CPU, you feel right at home, because people just accept you for who you are. I believe the CPU experience is worth sharing.

If you feel like you don't belong in the school system, there's always something that you're rebelling against, be it, the rules or the dress codes, then come on board CPU. Really, there are no rules. You can be all that you can be.

For some reason, CPU has been a short, yet thought-provoking journey for me, and I've discovered a lot more in CPU than I ever did about myself, about the society as compared to high school.

So, what is it about CPU that makes it so awesome?

1. No uniform policy
You can just go to school in your jammies, and nobody will say anything. You can even go there with zero fashion IQ. In fact, here in CPU we have Dress Up Week, with different themes on different days for the whole week. The fact that there's no uniform, you can easily express yourself, …