Monday, July 25, 2011

I have to do something

Things left to do:

tomorrow insyaAllah I'll send my reimbursement form.

1. collect i/c
2. wait for visa email
3. go to HCC to affix visa
4. send passport with affixed visa and medical forms to JPA, deadline one week before departure. expected date: 26th Aug, but not yet confirmed.
5. pack

Stuff to pack:

1. adapter (will get about 3. Canadian voltage is 110V)
2. clothes: shirts, t-shirts long-sleeve, short-sleeve, shawls, socks, shoes, sweaters, pants, jeans
3. toiletries: comb, deo, shampoo, wash
4. stationery
5. address and phone book (start filling in all those phone numbers and addresses)

Carry on:

1. one change of clothes
2. toiletries: each in 100ml bottles
3. my laptop bag with the charger and all and my camera with the charger and my phone charger.
4. a book to read

Important documents:

1. passport
2. fianancial affidavit
3. offer letter
4. some passport photos
5. boarding pass

Important documents kept in a file, easily accesible and tak tercicir.

Stuff to take care of:

1. traveller's check
2. bank notes

When I get to Canada:

1. settle down, sign lease
2. pick up student card
3. set up phone line
4. set up bank account and bank in traveller's check
5. email jpa about bank details
6. round campus to familiarize
7. buy home stuff to settle down.
8. start looking for books and prepare for first day of school.

other stuff to do before flying off:

1. clean my room and my stuff
2. put away important things properly. file.
3. read up a bit of physics, programming, chemistry, maths.
4. dental appointment Aug 15

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