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Passing Time

This is my 444th post :D

There are things that I love and loathe about summer. I love that I don't have to wear thick clothes, yet at the same time I also loathe when it gets too hot. I like the fact that I get a break from school, but I hate it when there are uneventful days where I end up sitting about spending away money on food, but one reason that I like summer for is that when people are going away, they leave their books behind and I pick it up and read :D

So, I read this book by Ahmad Von Denffer, 'Ulum al-Quran, or in English, Sciences of the Quran, it's available in pdf, here, at least part of it.

It's kind of one of those books where you go to Islamic seminars and they open booths that sell books that are introductory in nature partly cuz maybe there are some people who are new to Islam and want to take baby steps in understanding the religion.

It's pretty much introductory about what 'Ulum al-Quran is about. I actually took the time to read it, beca…


I admit, I've been watching wayy too much anime, but I'd argue that it's not just a waste of time. It actually sets the cogwheels in my head to think and reflect. (Although it is debatable if the thoughts are productive or not. You know I tend to spend time in my head). Futuristic dystopian animes are my favorite. It's like any other dystopia stories you've heard of, and mostly in dystopian literature, it may exist as a form of social commentary which is why I adore it so much other than the fact that I like to see how convincing the story teller puts this "new world" together.

What I like about dystopias is although it makes it seem like a different reality, but it does not give the same feeling as a fantasy world. Dystopias generally try to be as realistic enough to the point that you question yourself, "what if this is what the world to come would be like ?" Since it's based on some social commentary like a fable, you kind of get the unco…

Day In 3

Too lazy to think of any other blog post titles, cuz that's what I've been doing. Too lazy to spend money going out.

So, this time around, I'm gonna talk about this.

Since my generation is at that age when we're starting to think about things more seriously now, I've noticed there's a wave of young people, who supposedly support "new" ideals of how one must run the country.

A majority of them (on my FB at least, it feels kind of sad to always assert this as to avoid generalization to the whole masses), seem to yearn for "kepimpinan Islam/ulama'" and is based on different ideals and interpretations. Yeah I know I seem like a broken record as I keep repeating the same things over and over again macam dah taksub, ha ha ha ha, I apologize, I just don't feel like blurbing on my activities.

I completely agree with the concept of having religious scholars as advisers in any leadership. I can accept that there are religious scholars who are …

Day In 2 : Post-Caffeine Induced Insomnia

So, 9 pm May 4th, I had accidentally downed a tall mug of coffee, and I couldn't sleep. At all. Since I wasn't doing anything anyway this holiday, so I just sorta catch up with some friends over Facebook, and my leg was hurting, and then, of course, it was the elections, so what the heck. 6 am on wards, my whole household was in on the vibe.

So, I've noticed not only massive campaigning prior to the election day itself, where in the end it ended up with videos of hooligans, and on the election day itself, social media has not yet ceased its deluge of postings of accusations of fraudulent voting process with vote-buying and phantom voters. Accusations still fly during the announcement of the results right up to the end and after. What with the sudden blackouts, and now issues of racist statements were raised. I'm not saying all of them were true, I am merely stating my observation of what people were purporting.

I'm not going to comment on whether or not it is a fai…

Day In

Hey, I'm home the whole day the whole weekend for once cuz my legs hurt from all that going out. I'd had planned to go see cherry blossoms today, but too bad I can't take anymore walking, and I just found out that the buses that go to the cherry blossom place doesn't run during the summer. I mean, for crying out loud, Hamilton, that's just so lame. The park opens only during Spring/Summer and you cease service to those parks come Spring/Summer ? Hello ? Common sense ? Okay, fine, so students go home and there's fewer people, so you cut costs by cutting bus route services, but still, it's not like the Mac kids go there during the term anyway or live around there anyway, so what gives ? Yeah, kinda sad that I have to stay indoors. The next time I'll get to see it is probably next year since cherry blossoms only lasts for a few days and there are only a few of them around Canada since they had to bring them in from Japan for the Canadian-Japanese partnersh…