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Salam Ramadan from the Maple Leaf!

Hey, I guess it has been waaayyy too long since I last updated. Happy Ramadan to fellow muslims around the world.

So, in keeping with this month of abstinence and reflection, I suppose I shall write about some introspection of a year so far in Canada. All this while I have always been writing about what I do, and I haven't written anything much about what I think or what I feel. So, for a moment, let's just forget all the snow, and cute blond guys and worms I've ever seen.

All my seniors are going back to Malaysia after they've graduated, I think most of them have already returned to Malaysia. I guess the self- reflective mood got rubbed off onto me as well, and it made me think, if I were to be in their place.

Four years abroad can change a lot about a person in many different ways, depending on how they shaped their experiences, whether or not they branched out or remained in their select groups. Experiences can change the way you view life as well, and it sometimes con…