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Age and Maturity

When I was growing up, I know in my kindergarten-early primary school I was kind of sensitive and a cry baby, but I was pretty much a happy kid. Darjah Dua I think, the cikgu said I don't smile anymore and I'm serious. Throughout sekolah menengah pun the teachers ask if I ever stop thinking.

I kind of thought, growing up, that I was ahead of my peers, despite having an attitude problem, maybe because I was always thinking of a lot of things, and reading things my peers don't read.

But at this point in time, I'm looking back and I'm reassessing, was all that thinking really productive thinking, and am I exercising the same thought processes that I did then as compared to where I am now.

I always thought that my maturity level was appropriate for my age, but sometimes, I think that I've assessed myself wrong, because things happen, and it takes me by surprise, and it knocks home the fact that I am not as mature as I thought I was.

Then comes the question of how d…

A lil' breather

Finally done with second year exams, and I have a little room before summer school starts, but boy, sometimes, I feel that I'm more busy after the exams, with all the socializing and get together. Confession: I really like to delve into work to kinda "get away from people". Not that I don't like people (maybe I don't), but generally, socializing sucks my life force equally as much as when I am working. Usually after a strenuous term exam, I'd give myself 3 days to kemas things, get stuff in order, and extra 4 days to rest, and then I'd go out and about, but it usually doesn't work that way, people go out after the exams pronto and then they'll be going away elsewhere while I stay here in the comfort of my house. It's hard to get my ass out of Hamilton, sadly.

So, today's blurb will be about the stuff I think about (as usual) in Canada.

1. School. duh. That takes up like 90% of my time. I hardly ever have time to do some leisure time readin…