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Let's Be Feminists!

1. A Doll's House

It's about marital roles of men and women! It's a play written by a man. Kind of interesting. Easy to follow plot. Also about family institutions. Would be fun to analyze marriage. I've been doing that quite a lot lately anyway.

2. Mrs. Dalloway

Possible lesbo?

3. Infidel

An autobiography and a muslim woman's thoughts as she goes through her life. Not sure of what issues, not much info.

4. The Edible Woman.

Interesting concept of using food as metaphors. Gender stereotypes.

5. The Handmaid's Tale

Social dystopia. A darker sort of Feminist literature. Lesbo. Social Criticism.

6. The French Lieutenant's Woman

About a woman who was left by this French dude and has a rebound romance with another dude named Charles. She is depicted with an ambiguous character in terms of motive.

I Go Back Late Nowadays

I don't know what is it with me that I always have to do things different from everybody else. Obviously, I'm torn between two VERY HEAVY topics as I've found out today. Mr. Wise says Naipul's is hard, but he'd prefer me doing something of an Asian flavor than a Western one, and Ian says Existentialism takes up a lot of time to research. Why can't I just settle with something tried and tested like Feminism? I don't know.

Last year, I did something on Communism which not many people did. I bored myself and I didn't get a good grade. Maybe I was being too ambitious?

I confuse myself sometimes. I say that I don't like philosophy, then, the next moment, philosophy seems to have a "lovely, dark and deep" pull on me like the woods in Frost's poem Stopping By Woods.

And too often nowadays I catch myself in a state of INDECISION. Looks like I'm going to have to look back at my game plans and arrange a new strategy, and I don't have eno…

Help Me Choose!

Philosophical and psychological and "Religious" stuff:

1. Notes From Underground, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Pretty short, but pretty heavy. It's a bout a man who criticizes himself and the society. Setting in Russia.

2. The Plague, Albert Camus.

Absurdism. An allegorical novel about the society.

(Simplified) Relationship between existentialism, absurdism and nihilismAtheistic existentialismTheistic existentialismAbsurdismNihilism1. There is such a thing as meaning orvalueYes


I read that book, and what I got from it:

1. It discusses issues pertaining use of contraceptives, overcoming infertility and abortion from an Islamic point of view. Some methods are permitted while some aren't. Abortion is a sin, unless if it's conducted due to reasons that the pregnancy will risk the mother's life. And in some schools of thought, abortion is permissible as long as the foetus has not been ensouled. Even so, abortion should not be casually allowed as it will lead to misuse. It should only be considered as a last resort when there is no other treatment. In terms of overcoming infertility, in vitro and artificial insemination is permissible as long as the sperm involved is from the husband and not from some random man from the sperm bank. That would be considered adultery. Masturbating is wrong (obviously Islam prohibits from letting all those good stuff go to waste eh?) , unless if it's to get sperms for your wife. (okay, now this sentence sounds weird…

Another Tiger

My favorite book was The White Tiger. This is also another book about a symbolic tiger.

There's not a specific word that I could use to describe how I feel after reading Life of Pi. The first thought I had when I first started reading it was another dull, boring story of survival with a National Geographic-like intro. Any form of academic reading now only involves textbooks ever since I was fated to go to SBP.

It started off quite slowly and in a very disconnected manner, merely like a string of short stories or a collection of thoughts which were not in any particular coherent chronological order. Well, he started off talking about three-toed sloths, then about zookeeping and swimming pools, which neither of the information deluge was retained by my flitty mind.

The story about how he came about being a man of many religions caught my interest, but only for a while. It was fascinating. Outside my school life, I've never met any other person with a religion other than Islam, B…

New Semester!

Semester/Term: 2 (Jan-2011 - Jun-2011) Printer friendly version
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday08:00 - 09:15LAN 1004 [Lecture]
K-Theater (TBS Building)
En. KhairyLAN 1004 [Lecture]
K-Theater (TBS Building)
En. KhairyLAN 1004 [Lecture]
K-Theater (TBS Building)
En. KhairyLAN 1004 [Lecture]
K-Theater (TBS Building)
En. KhairyLAN 1004 [Lecture]
K-Theater (TBS Building)
En. Khairy-
09:15 - 10:30SPH4U [Lecture]
K-Studio 4.12
Mr. Tan Swee ChuanSPH4U [Lecture]
K-Studio 4.12
Mr. Tan Swee ChuanSPH4U [Lecture]
K-Studio 4.12
Mr. Tan Swee ChuanSPH4U [Lecture]
K-Studio 4.12
Mr. Tan Swee ChuanSPH4U [Lecture]
K-Studio 4.12
Mr. Tan Swee Chuan

This Is Where It Gets Boring

Actually, my blog has been quite boring for quite a while.

Oh well, after this Imma be a nerd, so it gets more boring from here. Anyway, these are my uni choices for application:

OUAC (Submit this Jan 16th):

1. McMaster for Electrical & Biomed Engineering
2. Toronto for Electrical Engineering Biomed Option.
3. Ottawa for Biomed and Mech Engineering.

Application Fee Waivered & Faris Petra-related Documents Submission done:

Carleton for Biomed and Electrical Engineering

Outside Ontario:

1. McGill for Electrical/Computer Engineering or Mech Engineering (Submitted)
2. British Columbia for Electrical Engineering (not submitted. tunggu bulk application instructions from Taylor's. Deadline Feb 28th)
3. Alberta for Electrical Engineering with Biomed Option (not submitted. deadline May 1, I think)

Most of their IELTS requirement is band 6.5 and above except for McGill which is 7.5, and for engineering programs, minimum average is 80% and above, except for Ottawa which is 70%.


Day 30

Last day of the challenge. Who are you?

I am a girl.
I am a daughter.
I am a sister.
I am a muslim.
I am a student.
I am a Farisian.
I am a debater.
I am a golfer.
I am a singer.
I am a poet.
I am an engineer-to-be, insyaAllah.
I am a blogger.

The end.


1. Submit OUAC application on 16th Jan and print out reinbursement form

2. Submission of documents is after 2nd Midsem results are released.

3. Make 10 copies of my SPM

4. Print out 10 copies of my SPM translation

5. Buy 10 envelops

6. Get school certification on SPM and seal both SPM and translation in envelops and seal with school chop.

Day 29

Yay! This challenge thing is almost over. Hopefully so will the void in my soul pass with it. hahaha

What have I learned in the past month?

Well, I would type a lot of things, but the most current thing I've learnt is,



DAY 28

Last year:

This year:

The difference?
Last year I was a golfer. This year, I was a singer.
Enough said for now.

Day 27

Why am I doing this 30-day challenge?

1. I'm bored.
2. I don't know what else to post on this blog.
3. keep me occupied during the school holidays.
4. I thought I'd get something out of this. I'm not quite sure what.
5. for fun.