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nukilan ringkas di hening pagi

Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 12:47 pagi, aku kira sudah melewati waktu tidur biasa di asrama. Biasanya semasa cuti, waktu tidurku lebih lewat lagi, tetapi pada musim cuti ini, tidak terdaya hendak 'stay-up' biarpun untuk membaca novel mahupun bersengkang mata untuk bertungkus lumus menyiapkan kerja sekolah yang tertunggak.

Rasa letih lesu masih bersisa di tubuh. Maklumlah, cuti kali ini sarat dengan aktiviti, bermula dengan HKSBP di SSP CBJ (yang masih terbayang-bayang di mata), kelas-kelas seminar memandu kereta, ujian memandu, majlis penyampaian hadiah pertandingan esei anjuran Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana, seminar SPM dan sebagainya. Tugasan yang diberikan guru masih lagi berbaki dan fisiologiku seolah-olah tidak mahu akur kepada tuntutan menyiapkan tugasan, sementelahan diri ini sememangnya sedar akan implikasi-implikasi yang akan menimpa diri sekiranya berbuat demikian.

Perasaan tidak keruan membelenggui segenap ruang pemikiran. Apa yang bermain di minda?
SPM? Muhasabah diri? K…


Returning to the Moorish-inspired buldings of UIA during the SPM seminar, the memories came rushing back into my mind. In my imagination, I saw the debater foursome running down the corridors while deciding the ranks for the motions. As they reached their allocated rooms, they discussed whithin 15 minutes on a motion so alien to them. In 15 minutes, the debate commenced. Both sides then exchanged confusing POI's and in a zip, it was over...Those were the days... well, I've been so nostalgic lately, especially when reading Amin's post of HKSBP. I have yet to write my own account of the events because I have yet to accept the fact that my career as a school debater has come to an end, and soon these debaters will go their own ways, *sigh* oh, the sentimental fool that I am.

I've recently finished reading two novels.

One is my birthday present, Aravind Adiga's Between The Assasinations and my IMPAC essay prize, Adibah Amin's This End Of the Rainbow.

Both novels dealt…


I got THIS!

I am tempted to spend hours on the computer to start downloading songs onto this baby, but of course, I wouldn't make progress on my homework if I did it. So, I had to surpress my music needs after SPM, then I wouldn't have to worry about anything else.
I have to start studying for my license test and my homework.

Well, anyway, here's a quickie on what happened yesterday.

Dr. M came!!!!!!

yet, he was so busy and people were like swarming around him, I couldn't get a picture with him.
his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah was the VIP for the prize-giving. I won second place and got that ipod, and RM 300-worth MPH book vouchers.

The first prize winners got a sleek-looking Macbook. Oh, and the most essay participation was from MRSM Kuala Lipis. (Gobsmacked. Where are the SBPians?)

Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim was invited for the judges' statement, and these were some of his comments:

> on a whole, the judges were very disppointed with the quality of the essays (oh God) which wa…

Thinking Of You

Well, why am I blogging everything in one go tonight?

It's part of a deal, see. I finish my whatever business tonight and I let my sis have the computer until she finishes her school projects and only then do I start on my projects.

catch up updates:
> I was the emcee and Inspiration bulletin commtittee member for HKSBP East Zone Drama, before we went to UIA.

Faris won big with seven awards.

We also celebrated Nafis' birthday.

> I participated in the RHB Mighty Minds Challenge with Nafis and Hakim, and yep, the combination was the right one because we beat the NSC team- Syakir, Adah and Che Bak. But, we made the it through to the next round, but we didn't win anything unfortunately.

> and then, there was a visit from STAR, and I met my SKLK schoolmate, Amirul Izzat, strangely taller than before and less cheeky
> I won the children story writing competition for National Hari Guru, the essay titled 'Child of Hope', so I went to Terengganu with Cikgu Razuki (tum…

UIA Scenery

Subhanallah..UIA is so beautiful..these are the pictures I took, unedited works..

goodbye, UIA

UIA Highlights

with teacher Nazlin. Izzat left his baju batik in the bus, which probably found its way to SERATAS for the national drama hksbp. nafis wasn't here because he went for YAA.

duduk kat belakang lagi

Our table

me and Aiman Naim

me and Sharon

BM team do us proud


aik, gelapla

eiii..buat apa tu?

under pressure?

Izzat, Sharon, Kam & Nafis

IMPAC essay


By: Nurul Kamilah Binti Mat Kamil

“Tucked in bed with a mug of trickling hot chocolate on a cold night, traveling the distance to watch the sunset at an exotic vacation getaway, or perhaps indulging in a rush of adrenaline bungee-jumping atop the world’s highest cliffs?” I mused. What could possibly be the best things in life?

Let me rephrase that, what could I possibly proclaim as the best things in life? I mean, it is a subjective matter. It can be anything; yet making a choice was difficult. I wanted it to be personal, yet it can be shared and felt by others; others who I will pass down this scrapbook.

This was my latest project: filling up the family scrapbook of the best things in life. I was the fifth generation to be handed down the responsibility of completing the scrapbook.

In my father’s will, he wanted me to have it, of all my siblings; he chose me, the estranged one. “Those who live their lives to the fullest are those who truly enjoy life. One way to…