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Kind of a recap and reflection, although to be honest I find it hard to distinguish events in the winter of December 2012 and January 2013 due to the way the academic year works in Canada.

This year I have :

1. learnt a great deal about living with people, what with all the house drama
2. tried out for a job interview, hopefully my next experience would be getting a job and earning my own money itself. to be honest, I'm pretty scared, but I'm taking baby steps.
3. I looked for a new house myself. I had it easy in first year and now I get a taste of what it's like figuring things out on your own
4. finished off second year and found out that third year really is as hard as they say. even though I tried my best to plan things I still ended up with 5 exams in a row, that was the least I've slept all my life. It really made me work hard.
5. finally missed home after a full 2 years being abroad
6. found the experience of returning home and coming back to Canada to be, liter…

Intermission 2

I wrote an Intermission 1, but decided against publishing it.

Lately I realized that I'm holding back against expressing everything. There are some things that the world doesn't need to know, and there are better outlets for self-expression that allow for better control of your audience, and sometimes some things are better left not verbalized. And of course, what with now the companies keep tabs on your online activity. It's the same with my Facebook. My default privacy is only me, only when I feel like showing some thing, do I customize the privacy setting, so what you see, is what I intend you to see. At times, I just delete whatever I just posted as I judge it inappropriate or unnecessary. You can sort of say, I am trying to become a social media recluse, and reducing my internet presence, for fear that I might unintentionally expose myself, not that I have anything to hide, but you never know.

I also have a detachment to blogging and twitter. You can say my activity h…


So, I'm finally done with exams!

To be honest, I wasn't too happy with my performance, the exams were a little too close together and I think I got my sleep and strength compromised throughout the exam period, but we shall see what's the real damage when the results finally come out.

I've had a long list of things to do after exams, but I haven't quite found the drive to start doing them. Much of my activity involves going out, watching shows, eating and sleeping, and thank God, I found it in me to clean. lol.

I've especially wanted to get all those philosophical thoughts and inspired poems and drawings onto paper or electronic media, but urm, nope, that didn't happen either.

For some reason I feel that when I'm so busy learning, all the gears in my head starts working and because of that, I get ideas for the other things as well, like drawing and writing, but once I shut it off after the exam, everything else ceases with it. Which is why, for this reas…