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Aku Wirawati Negara

Well, I'm not going to touch the computer anymore for the time being..things are just too..freaky..still paranoid of virus attacks...

okay, so, I will be away again for PLKN:

2 Jan to 14 Mac

Kem Summer Set Resort, Kuala Rompin, Pahang

wish me well

Adios amigos!

everything we had

I'm still so emo about the Sime Darby interview on the 6th, I'm not going to spare any details yet, but I really think that I didn't make it this time. I just knew that after the 3rd Level of assessment, there will be a fourth level of assessment, and Sime Darby is only giving the scholarship to 8 people, man! That is so cruel, talk about the real world, wake up, people, this is reality! In real life, chances are that slim, to get jobs and such. This is just the beginning, I bet there are a lot more times through out your life that you will be interviewed. So, anyway, I thought I did okay for the first part, second part, I thought that I could have spoken more, I could have done better, third part, honstly speaking, I didn't know what to do. What I learnt (since I'm going to take this positively as a learning experience) from the interview is that, you should be more firm in yourself, I seem a bit hesitant in certain parts, especially when it comes to those areas t…

Closing Curtains on 2009, off to 2010.

Okay, I didn't make a recap before 2009 ended, there are still lots more posts I didn't get to do before 2010. Heck, I'm going to do a quickie recap here:

Jan: almost uneventful. Such bliss because I could finish all my homework on time, and usually, the first month of the year, everything has always been done with so much enthusiasm. Cikgu Abdullah left for SMK Kubang Telaga.

Feb: definitely busy with golf. This is my favourite complain post.

March: Penggal exams. KOT! Fought with KJ over whether or not the students are given a choice to take EST for SPM. more updates in March here. Cikgu Razuki left for SMK Dabong.

April:UIA Debate! Wrote a few essays. HKSBP Drama Zon Timur. First glimpse of Mr. Hamdany, new PK HEM. I can't remember when Cikgu Mad was PK KO.

May: Hari Guru Celebrations. Mid-Year Exams and HKSBP Debate. have not posted on HKSBP yet. Started my driving license journey.

June: Corporate Day was gone. yeeehhhoooo. Perdana essay prize-giving ceremony. more det…


I woke up at three in the morning with a terrible stomach ache. I was doubled over in agony and rubbed on some oil on my tummy. I tried going back to sleep, but I woke up again around 5 for potty. After that I had this nightmare. I was having my SPM exam in my own class, and it was flooding, but we had to carry on, anyway. Yeah, I waded through the worm-infested waters. (The horror!) As I entered class, the EST examination had already started and I was 30 minutes late. I tried finding my seat, but I could't find it, it was arrenged in a weird order, and those not taking EST were also in the same room, I was, like, what the h*ll??
When, I finally sat down, after feverishly finding my seat with my hands full with stationary and documents, I realized that I didn't have any pencils to blacken the answer. I started pannicking and got up from my seat to find my pencils at the back of the class where I put my bag, I dunno why the h*ll did I thought I would find it there. It was so cl…

Cleaning Out My Closet: My Works Of Art

my sock puppet from Year Six. I used to call him 'Black Guy'.

I dunno why I did this.

Characters from my Form Three drama

Aoshi, a samurai character that I used to draw for my comics. Shortlived ambition it was.

Gone are my scrapbooking days. These were from Year Six.

The only surviving art piece from form one, yeah I know it's a science school, people don't put much emphasis on art, so I simply lost interest. Gone are my story-writing and drawings. The only time I ever drew were doodles on my exam papers, or when I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher because I was sleepy or when I design bookmarks or dedication cards. FYI, there's five candidates for arts this year at my school. Best of luck for proving yourself.


My chinese relatives from Singapore came: Granduncle Martin, and his wife, Grandaunt Nancy, Granduncle William with his brother and another accolade.We all gathered at Pak Su Jal's house in Tropicana for dinner.

On the menu:
1. lasagne 2. pasta 3. Mak Su's mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw 4. roasted (?) chicken. Pak Su jal made it according to Jamie Oliver's recipe. 5. Nenek made a tauhu dish, some vegetables and three fish dishes, I only tasted the salmon because I was full. For dessert, apple crumble with ice-cream.

I swear, I was so full I could barely walk. I just dozed off on the couch while the little kids played with my cousins' toys.

I forgot to charge my camera batteries, so I didn't take any pictures.

ditto! somehow that word is in my head for no apparent reason

This is my 200th post anniversary!

So, I'm going to post the photo taken during the Sime Darby interview.

These are some of the friends I made.


Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Sime Darby Business School

Session Two, Part One: Group Interview.
Topic: Out of the five areas of investment in Sime Darby, choose one area which you think Sime Darby needs to invest more for charitable reasons. Explain why and how will the investment be made.

So, everyone talked about the environment, education and culture, and I talked about community development. Can't remember any more details of what I said, but it was something about healthcare, and biomedical engineering. At first, I was a bit shaky when the interviewer shot a question at me, but after I relaxed, it was okay.

Four out of five of my group members made the cut to Part Two: Online Assessment

Damn it, it was hard, not really, but the time constraint made it hard.

First up was to answer 24 language (choice of BM or English) que…

Cleaning Out My Closet: Clothes

Rahman shirts for four years, I didn't have one in Form 1. from left to right: form 2 to form 5

my class t-shirt for 5 Alpha

HKSBP Kebangsaan shirts: 2007 (Sakti), 2008 (Jenan) and 2009 (SSP)

HKSBP Zon Timur: 2006 (Shah Pekan), 2007 (Faris Petra), 2008 (BRAINS)

HK Arab at SBPI Jempol

Debate team shirt in 2008, the letters were supposed to be jet-black, but I bleached it by accident

sports t-shirt when I was in SMK Seri Keramat

UIA shirts for 2007 and 2009

Baju orang bagi, the shirt from Muja and the pants from Jaja

School baju batik, the one on the most left is the one I had in Form one, missing kain, the middle in Form two, but had holes in it, and the one on the most right, lasted from Form three to today.

Caya tak?? That was in Year Two of primary school

my bedsheet from Form 1

my class t-shirt when I was in Year Five

okay. that's it for now.

Lambdarian Crew Part Three

The third and final installment of the Lambda Saga.

yes, those trying times of PMR.

Most of the previous Lambda boys have moved out, Yusri, Zaaim, Izzat and Afiq Cipop have all gone to Alpha, Adib, Zul cool, che asim went to Beta. So, Amin, and Pikem rejoined us. Dani and Faiz Ezani as well, and the rest remained the same.

At the beginning of the year, I was still getting used to the fact that Alia has gone to New Zealand, she wasn't with us, anymore.

I volunteered to shop for class decoration items, I was like so enthusiastic at that time, and all the decorations were planned with Amin and Che Dah. I remembered staying back in class in the afternoons, not just to practice my public speaking, but also to decorate the class. We had to cut out sunflower petals from yellow paper and stick them to black disks. Then these sunflowers will then be stuck onto the walls. It was a lot of fun, and satisfying to see the results. Our rivals at that time was Delta and Alpha.

that year, it w…

Lambdarian Crew Part Two

Well, it has been a few days since I last blogged, lost the mood to do so, and I have been a bit busy. The Sime Darby interview was alright. I made it past the group interview, but wasn't sure how I did for the online assessment, people have been asking me how it was, and I tire of explaining it. haha

So, anyaway, today's post is about 2 Lambda.

This was known as the Gorgon Era.


because there was this group of girls who were so tight, and they did the craziest things together, some of which sometimes teetered on the thin line between the Law and Outlawed, or are just plain loud.

At that time, the girls were divided into two groups, the Goody-two-shoes, and the Gorgons. For the record, I belonged to neither, I was a lot closer to the Gorgons, although I did not participate in their escapades, well, (sometimes I did), because I was close to Alia and sat next to her.

They earned the title due to a group of Form Five boys, who later we called 'power rangers' since go…


I was just reminiscing on the times I was an emcee. Well, I had lots of experience emceeing, until I got tired of it. The prefects had to be emcees for the roll call and for special events, I couldn't remember when I was first emceeing. There was also one year, when it always had to be me who was to read out the Word Of The Day, and make announcements of essay competitions. I'm sure people were bored of me.

the first time I went on the roll call stage was for the Brainstorming Slot (now the Public Speaking Slot) in Form two. can't remember what I spoke about. I had Brainstorming Slot twice this year, once for the debaters 'special'' on Sunday, and another for the spontaneous speech at the roll call. My Sunday brainstorming slot caused a bit of a controversy, because the principal, KJ heard me wrong. I was being my honest self, going on about I can't wait to leave the school, but even so I had many precious memories to leave behind. So, I was kind of praisin…

Lambdarian Crew Part One

I haven't much pictures from this class, I have yet to have a camera of my own at that time. I actually felt bad about my previous post because in a way, it is a bit like badmouthing people, but I tell it as it is, that is what I feel and what I think, and yes, this is a place to vent, but bear in mind, they're not really bad people la.

So today, I'm going to post about 1 Lambda.

Brace yourself, it’s another long one.

It all began when one fine day during the mid-year school holidays, my ma said that pa could get me a space at SMS Kelantan, yep, that was what she said. It was about a few weeks after my grandfather died. So, at that time, I was already comfortable at Seri Keramat, and I never thought of moving away, because I gave up hope on getting into a boarding school, and yes, Kelantan was far away, and I'm a little intimidated by their dialect, culture and fitting in. yeah, I know, anywhere I go, I'm always the oddball, but the initial bit of introducing you…


Alphanz refers to the class of 4 Alpha and 5 Alpha. For three years I have stayed in Lambda with the same girls, and for the next two years I have stayed with the same girls and the same boys. Yep, of course Alpha was less eventful, and MORE QUIET than Lambda. I can swear ever since Form one, the Alpha class has its reputation for its quietness, and the only sound heard was the fan spinning. If you were in that class, not studying was a crime.

With that reputation, people were often afraid or uncomfortable to go to this class. Yes, I was in that class for two of the final years. Thank God for Muja and Hanani who were the 'louder' bunch. I really enjoyed when the tables was arranged in groups in 5 Alpha, me, Hanani, Muja, Jannah, Nora and Amy were grouped together, and we called ourselves 'Block Kewangan' because Amy was the treasurer.

At first, when I entered 4 Alpha, God dammit. I HATE that class very much. It was too quiet, and I hated the boys because they thought …

More Random Photos

I don't bother elaborating much, besides if it were an individual post, it would be too short. Otherwise, I'm just too lazy to elaborate, it would definitely sound report-ish since I'm not really emotionally attached much to the events that follow. Damn delayed post if you ask me.

First up is the collaboration with MARA PC on Biology phase 1.

Next is phase 2

next picture is from the discussion with Syed Putra. God, there were so many discussions, especially during my time as a prefect. I got so sick and tired of it!

p/s: I'm trying out the new updated blog post editor, so it my posts may not look as pretty because I'm still getiing used to it, but man I love the huge-sized pictures, although it does make the page look a bit crowded. hmm..