Saturday, December 26, 2009

ditto! somehow that word is in my head for no apparent reason

This is my 200th post anniversary!

So, I'm going to post the photo taken during the Sime Darby interview.

These are some of the friends I made.


Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Sime Darby Business School

Session Two, Part One: Group Interview.
Topic: Out of the five areas of investment in Sime Darby, choose one area which you think Sime Darby needs to invest more for charitable reasons. Explain why and how will the investment be made.

So, everyone talked about the environment, education and culture, and I talked about community development. Can't remember any more details of what I said, but it was something about healthcare, and biomedical engineering. At first, I was a bit shaky when the interviewer shot a question at me, but after I relaxed, it was okay.

Four out of five of my group members made the cut to Part Two: Online Assessment

Damn it, it was hard, not really, but the time constraint made it hard.

First up was to answer 24 language (choice of BM or English) questions in 20 minutes.

Each question consisted of a passage, and a choice of answers (objective), you have to pick two true statements, based on the paragraph. I took time reading and understanding the text, and I couldn,t finish in time, there were about 6 questions unanswered. I chose English, so it was a reminiscence of EST questions, except harder. Well, EST you get 40 questions in 1 hour! I had time to sleep then.

Next was 24 arithmetic questions in 20 minutes. It was okay, I finished it all in time, surprisingly.

Lastly, was the 300 personality questions in 1 hour.

So, i don't know how I did for the second part. I will be notified sometime around next week, or two weeks later. It seems like a slim chance to get it, since places are very limited, and if I do get through the second part, I will have to return for more interview sessions, so it is not that easy.

Anyhow, it was a nice experience. =)

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Anonymous said...

salam. im going to sime darby management trainee interview next week, but i got confused at one part, group interview session. the topic will be given when we arrived there? cant they give us the topic earlier for preparation?