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Sejenak Daku Terfikir...[hmm..]..

Jauh kuberjalan menyusuri sungai berliku
Langkah demi langkah kujangkaukan
Hati bersenandung girang menyanyikan lagu syahdu
Segala keresahan kulupakan

'Pabila sejenak kuterfikir,
Kusedari..dimanakah aku?
Ke hulu? Atau pun ke hilir?
Ke manakah arah yang ku tuju?..sejauh manakah perjalananku?

Tanpa petunjuk, kusesat
Tiada peta, tiada petanda
Terpadamlah semangat
Terputuslah asa

Itulah gunanya matlamat
Janganlah membabi buta sahaja, nanti hidup tak berkat
Bila dah 'panic' tu mulalah gamat
Sajak ni pun dah nak tamat, apa hok kawe' pesan tu mestilah ingat!

-ditujukan khas for my brother:-)-

My Happy Ending

I've been planning to write my stories for ages, but I haven't got around to writing it. I'm brimming with plots and ideas, but it was all wasted as time goes by. For now, I'm only going to blog in small excerpts of my stories. Here goes...

Sam Sylvester was not alone as he thought..there were others..just like him..
" guys are psychics too.."
- Sam-
With a band of other 'psychics' Sam seeks out revenge on whoever who has wronged them. Unfortunately, one of their plans back-fired and they accidentally killed their discipline teacher!
"Uh-oh..we're in serious trouble.."

Too cliche'd? about this?

Kitty was an ordinary girl-NOT!-actually she lives with two mentally impaired brothers. One was paranoid and the other was schizophrenic. Not only that, her depressed grave-digging widower dad was showing signs of physical breakdown due to his lung…


Muahhaha! I've always been a controversial kid at school. You can say that they most probably labeled me 'americanized' lah kot because of my accent and fluent English[tak semestinya I don't accept that I am a Malay]. I'm not sure what do these people have against the English language or Westerners. This is definitely an issue which I feel strongly about. Racism. I bet most parents have had implanted a negative image about the Westerners in their children's minds. Not to say that I'm supporting the Americans at a 100%, but has our country actually taken an initiative to develop our own country in the past let alone travel the world to discover new places? If the British had not invaded Malaysia, we wouldn't have been exposed to their technology. Sarawak would have probably still be under Brunei's reign. There is the good and the bad of the English[I don't mean the language, I mean the people] invasion. We still needed help with the foreigners an…

New Year, New Resolutions

Well, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've been really busy with school affairs to bother. [hehe.. actually I just lepak-lepak and then I realized that dah nak habis cuti sekolah so I have to updatelah jugak camne pun sebab nanti tokleh doh..huhu] So far no comment 'bout my school holidays. As usual, killing time with napping and playing[typical makan- tidor routinelah!]
I don't know 'bout other people though. When I get back to school I'm gonna spread my wings once more and embrace a shedload more of homework. [fuuh...] Takpe I'm aiming higher this year, a little hardwork goes a long way..[p/s:thank God! woohoo! I'm number 1 in my form this year! not bad for a fourth-intake student, huh? Well, that's enough bragging for one entry!]

December 26 year after the tsunami tragedy..I offer my sincerest condolences to the victims of the terrible wave..


Savage waters grasped my knees
Hindering my mobility
Soon was I fo…