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Muahhaha! I've always been a controversial kid at school. You can say that they most probably labeled me 'americanized' lah kot because of my accent and fluent English[tak semestinya I don't accept that I am a Malay]. I'm not sure what do these people have against the English language or Westerners. This is definitely an issue which I feel strongly about. Racism. I bet most parents have had implanted a negative image about the Westerners in their children's minds. Not to say that I'm supporting the Americans at a 100%, but has our country actually taken an initiative to develop our own country in the past let alone travel the world to discover new places? If the British had not invaded Malaysia, we wouldn't have been exposed to their technology. Sarawak would have probably still be under Brunei's reign. There is the good and the bad of the English[I don't mean the language, I mean the people] invasion. We still needed help with the foreigners and what not with some of the construction and research. There, and we call ourselves an independent nation? Obviously we still depended on the foreigners in our development. Why should we depend on them if we can do it ourselves? But the problem is that we do not take the initiative to challenge ourselves to reach out further. Our people is too close minded to ever do such a thing. Jahat-jahat orang US pun, diorang punya nilai murni tu contohilah, jadikan teladan. In addition here, I'd like to add a famous quote from Albert Einstein (one of the most fascinating guys of History. His brain is slightly bigger than the average human, but I don't wanna talk about him. For more info, search the net, via Google, the most recommended search engine, like, d-uh!) , "Our mind is like a parachute, if it is not open, it won't work". So, you see? Hah! You take what is good, not to say that we should follow their exact culture. Come on, where is the Malaysia Boleh spirit, man? So sekarang ni I just want to type in my opinion je, kalau terkasar tu mintak maafla bebanyak! Sekian.


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Okay, yesterday, I went to my little sister's kindergarten sports day held at SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju Hall. Well, the field is wet because it has been raining almost every day in KL, well, in my area.
Anyway, I was the photographer that day, a tak bertauliah one, mind you. Here are some of the pics. They are so cute!

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This is not a running in a sack event, this is a running sack

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bean bag race

future Rahman formation?Well, I guess that's about that.