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what I'm busy with right now

1. Computer Science Game

my group's doing some sorta girly fairy-shooting-goblins first-person-shooter game. I'm supposed to write the codes, and someone else do the graphics. so far, the states are done, but without the graphics.

2. English ISU research.

it's a REALLY heavy topic

Evolutionary View on Social Structure in The Time Machine.

I have TONNES of pages to read up on Marxism, Social Structure, Evolutionary Theories and H.G. Wells himself.

3. Chemistry

urhhh..Acid-Base calculations, I need practice on this. I should seriously make time for this. T_T

4. Advanced Functions Trig

5. Musical Theatre

ohh...October please come fast. but I never get the pitching right for Colors of The Wind.

I'm totally stressed out now.

CS Flex 3 Test Revision

Task One:

1. You have two buttons. One labeled "Timestable" and the other "Divison table". The Timestable button calls the timesTable function, and the Division table button calls the divisionTable function.
2. Assume that the logIT function has already been given, write the codes for the timesTable and divisionTable functions so that as the button is clicked, the respective tables will be printed out in the debug logger.


private function timesTable ():void{
for (var i:int=0; i<13; i++){
for (var j:int=0; j<13; j++){
logIT (String(i) + ' times ' + String(j) + ' = ' + String (i*j));

private function divisionTable ():void{
for (var i:int=0; i<13; i++){
for (var j:int=0; j<13; j++){
logIT (String(i*j) + ' divided by ' + String(i) + ' = ' + String (j));

Task Two:

1. You are given a text input box and a button. On click of the button, whatever information from the text input box will be in reversed order an…

Memori Keropok Lekor

Setiap kali ada school trip ke SBP pantai timur di Pahang atau Terengganu (seingatnya, pernah mengunjungi SESTER-Perfect Score Zon Timur 2009, SBPI B. Rakit-HKSBP Zon timur 2008 kot? SHAH Pekan- HKSBP Zon Timur 2006, SESMA-bermalam untuk Sambutan Hari Guru Kebangsaan. Eh, who knows where the headgirl of SESMA 2009 is right now? and....tu setakat yang ingatlah tentang sekolah yang dikunjungi), kalau berkesempatan lalu Batu Buruk, mesti singgah beli keropok lekor. Best gila. Sekali beli mesti habis dalam RM 50, sebab beli untuk cikgu, untuk kelas, untuk ahli dorm.
Sesampainya di kelas, keropok lekor akan dibahagikan untuk bahagian budak-budak (budak-budak?) laki and budak-budak perempuan. Di bahagian depan kelas, budak-budak laki dalam sekelip mata sahaja menghabiskan keropok. Budak-budak perempuan pula makan di meja belakang (selalunya meja akulah tu. Nampak sangat muka kuat "jjella", huhu). Kita makan 'cover-cover', konon ayulah kot. And then, berduyun-duyun pergi to…

Kemamai in Kemaman

Yeahp, a two-day trip to Kelantan. 2nd Raya, went for the alumni thing. I'm so, so glad many of my batchmates turned up, but too bad, it was all rushed, and I didn't get to chat with most of them. I only got, like, two minutes each?

Then, the next day, back to KL via Ganu. Hence, the title. I reached home at around 3 a.m. Okay, no mood to post. Later.

Dalil dan Penyakit Gila

Dua perkara yang kerap menjadi sebutan dalam novel Maryamah Karpov, iaitu novel terakhir dalam tetralogi Laskar Pelangi karya Andrea Hirata. Tatkala menurunkan tinta dalam entri blog kali ini, tertanya-tanya pula pada diri sendiri, apakah bahasa yang akan digunakan pula? ahh..! hentam sahajalah mana-mana pun bahasa yang terkeluar, asalkan dapat menyatakan dengan jelas kupasan pada kali ini.

First two books are more nostalgic, as it talks about school and childhood, but the last two books seem more 'epic'. It tells of his travels and self-discovery, albeit a tad Paolo-Coelho-ish. I find the travels to be extraordinary and hard to believe. You should read it to know where he went and what he did.

What I liked about the whole series, and perhaps it is more prominent, well, probably, I understood it more in the fourth book, is the sarcasm and irony in the Malay habits. What sets the fourth book apart is the fact that he has finished his studies, so it almost seems like the end of…


I'm not so much in a Raya mood. Well, the fact that I'm totally broke, JPA has yet to give me money, and I don't get any pineapple tarts this year, contributes as much to the non-Raya-ing mood. However, the other major factor of non-Raya mood are my grades. Yes, it's an 'A' okay, but with people getting 90's, they make mine look like CRAP. And the fact that the assessment is not over yet, leaves me feeling paranoid. Obssessed. October will be a full month for me. UNIT THREE CHEMISTRY, MACBETH and ISU, UNIT THREE ADVANCED FUNCTIONS, COMPUTER SCIENCE CPT, omg...and.....Musical Theatre..October is like, the last leg before the finals, and if I don't give it all out, bye-bye 90's..or even 80' God...pressure is building up, I just hope that I don't explode.

However, I'm looking forward to going back to Kelantan, although it's just for a day, and I don't knowhow many people will actually turn up.

And another thing, using U.O.X. i…