Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I'm not so much in a Raya mood. Well, the fact that I'm totally broke, JPA has yet to give me money, and I don't get any pineapple tarts this year, contributes as much to the non-Raya-ing mood. However, the other major factor of non-Raya mood are my grades. Yes, it's an 'A' okay, but with people getting 90's, they make mine look like CRAP. And the fact that the assessment is not over yet, leaves me feeling paranoid. Obssessed. October will be a full month for me. UNIT THREE CHEMISTRY, MACBETH and ISU, UNIT THREE ADVANCED FUNCTIONS, COMPUTER SCIENCE CPT, omg...and.....Musical Theatre..October is like, the last leg before the finals, and if I don't give it all out, bye-bye 90's..or even 80' God...pressure is building up, I just hope that I don't explode.

However, I'm looking forward to going back to Kelantan, although it's just for a day, and I don't knowhow many people will actually turn up.

And another thing, using U.O.X. is so much better than postpaid, that is if I only contact fellow xpax users. From a bill of RM 160 per month, I've managed to reduce it to RM 3 per week. How cool is that? And yeah, I will not bother sending any Raya wishes this year, I don't knowlah, like, so malas to do so. Just not in the festivity mood, I guess. So, sorry guys if I don't seem as excited. (arhhh...hang me can I not get psyched up over Raya?)

oh well, just no vibe to Raya. Feelin' really weary lately, or maybe, I'm just no fun anymore.

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