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MU - Monsters U, not Man United or McMaster U, hahaha

Spoiler alert, beware.

It was enjoyable. I really enjoyed the short at the beginning of the movie. Animation was almost realistic, in fact, a lot more than it was all these years.

The movie itself was tonnes of enjoyment, although it is not particularly perfect, there was always that cliche'd uni-life story-telling, the usual felt betrayal, trying to win you back, bla bla bla, but I felt that despite having the tried and tested formula, execution was well done. I felt that it did well in the execution of character development, most notably, Sully and Mike. Randall had a more of a cameo appearance. The no-nonsense female dean of the School of Scream rocked the eyeliner. Animation wise, it was a lot more colorful than the Monsters Inc movie. Some elements of college life although cliche'd but now it seems a lil' more relatable at this age, in addition to studying in a North American (Canada! Canada! NOT North AMERICAN) university. I sometimes feel that these Pixar people are k…

Moving Clouds

Moving clouds on a sunny day
Set against a sky so blue
Each one going its own way
No idea where it's headed to

Contemplating on the ethereal image
I think of all the ties I couldn't salvage
All the complements left unsaid
As I let the line go dead

Dancing daisies in a field of green
Kind of your run of the mill meadow scene
Each one swaying so gaily
So naive and carefree completely

Remembering the innocent faces
Seeing them morph into hazard warnings
I yet have been to many places
but the grasp of the painful reality is dawning

Colors fade, and petals eventually fall
All good things surely come to an end
I thought I have seen it all
well, trouble indeed is a friend

As I lay among the tall grass
I am overcome by the beckoning silence
I thought I could have it all
but I was wrong, at second glance.

Current Obsession

Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No. 1 (Orchestrated by Debussy)

For some reason it's emotionally provocative, but I'm not certain what kind of emotion it evokes. Some people may find it boring, but I really love the crescendo.

Number 2, is not as good as the first and the third, but I'll include it anyway.

Number 3 is my favorite. There's a sense of getting lost in a magical forest, you're in wonder, but also, you feel overwhelmed by the loneliness. Haha. The crescendo is the best.

I first heard of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie was from a ring tone on my Nokia phone, I decided I loved the song but it didn't occur to me it was a classic. Then, earlier this year, one of the Taylor's College CPU lecturers previewed his photo book using one of the Gymnopedies as a soundtrack, you can check it out here.

I'm not really an orchestra/classical music buff to fully appreciate or properly interpret the works, but I listen it just for fun, and some really get to me. I can'…