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White Flag

Okay, that's it! I surrender! The new blogger is too tempting! I love it too much.. here's my newest poem..

Sweet and tarty little you,
a pleasure to have on occasions
Simple and naive in many ways
a personal favourite on sunny days

Cheer me up when I'm down
a pleasant obsession
Crazy and wild at times
apple in my eye, always in my mind

I dedicate this to my best pal :)

Something I Got Off The Web

Aaarrrgghhh!!! Why do I distract myself so much??

You Are 44% NerdyYou may be a bit surprised with this score, but your more of a closet nerd than an actual nerd.
Stop denying your inner nerd! You're truly dorkier than you think.How Nerdy Are You?

Just something I did out of boredom.
WARNING: These things are addictive!

Stickwitu- totally suits my relaxed mood

My English lessons have gotten out of hand. Writing a journal?? Seriously! Never in my life have I kept a diary! It's silly, you know! Most girls keep a diary and all they ever write in it are soppy stories about their pathetic brief encounters and 'heart-stopping glances' with their crushes (oh, puh-lease, people! Get real!) + bitchy comments about other girls... I should know, you know.. It's in the nature of us girls to do so. I don't bother to keep a diary because I don't think I'm good at hiding it, my parents tend to find it anyway. No use in that! I am more comfortable wearing my heart on my sleeve, expressing myself in my writing, if not verbally.
Actions speak louder than words!

Me and my H.P.(ehemm!)

Me and my Harry Potter books.. what am I to comment? I used to like reading Harry Potter some time ago. (Then again, do I even read these days?) I love Hermione. She's my favourite Miss-Know-It-All, next to Mr. Prodigy Artemis. However, I find the sixth instalment quite a drag to read. Normally, I would dig in to HP books as soon as they arrive on the shelves. It began with the Order Of The Phoenix. Too much blab and Sirious dies, that sucks...but Dumbledore dead, that's a bit of a relief. What's the big deal taking a big risk like that? That old wizard appears to be too cocky and confident for his own good. I like the part where Snape killed him. That'll teach him a lesson to not put too much trust on a malicious character. (take it from Harry, Snape was never his favourite.) Sadly for the Half-Blood Prince, I read it two years after it was published. I borrowed it from a friend, although 've already got a copy at home. I bought it when it was first published, but…

Life Is But A Brief Candle

Tomorrow..tomorrow..and tomorrow.. creeps in this petty pace from day to day...
reminiscing the good old days bring so much memories. Some pleasant yet some just bring me to tears. *sob,sob*
Life is only for a short while, as Macbeth says.
I totally agree to that. It feels like a dream. Almost ethereal. A strange reality. Something mysterious and full of secret meanings.
It's been along time since I've updated my blog. I haven't written any poems lately, I'm kinda busy with school. This sucks because all the teachers seem to put a lot of pressure on my batch. By the looks of the current situation, my batch will have to prove themselves worthy of being the better batch than the previous ones.
Still on the minus side, I'm stuck in a world of terrible English. I do not know exactly how to improve.
gee, I can't wait for the holidays. I've already started counting the days! I miss my computer!!
(Just so you know, I'm at a cyber cafe in KB right now.)