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I'm Not Missing You

Faris..oh Faris...
Thou stand as majestic as a palace in the New Castle district of
the beautiful state of Cik Siti Wan Kembang
Ever so beckoning yet so cold and heartless
a prison for many
a sanctuary for some
Whatever you are
you are still Faris Petra
and I am so not missing you!

All The Small Things

Hmm.. what am I to say?
Well, in a few more days, I'll be back to school.
Then, it's bubbye T.V., bubbye computer....
the like...
Perhaps I'll have to go dormant again.
Those are just the small things that I have to deal with.
The big thing is life itself!

Surpass your greatest expectations, outbest your previous achievements.
Chow :-)

On The Inside

Cold and brittle were my bones
As I lay there all alone
Worn by weather and worries
As I grew old with misery

On the Inside I was
to my own mind
Shackled by fear
and memories held so dear

On the Inside with my
I was shielded from the harsh dimension
and cruel realities
that tears me assunder

Note: okay, I have to admit, it's not my best creation though. I felt moody and this poem may not have a postive edge to start a new year.

Some Hearts..

Dear Santa,
I'm not really writing this note to you (am I?).
I'm just waiting an eternity to get the newest instalment of the Artemis Fowl series.
The only reason why I haven't bought it yet is because I'm waiting for the price to drop lower so that I wouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get it.
I'm wondering why exactly that you are being so charitable
There are perhaps a whole bunch of people out there who are so filthy rich, while some are just plain ol' cheapskates like me.
All in all, some people do get lucky in this material world and some are just less fortunate.
Thanks for taking your time to read this whimsical letter from a delusional idiot.
Lots of candy canes from,
Sam Sylvester

The Ties That Bind Us

Have you noticed that some people are actually willing to be manipulated like a puppet on a string? It's funny sometimes that just because you want to fit-in in a social clique, you actually have to follow every silly whim of a certain person so that you can belong in their group.
Dress codes, unwritten rules..puh-lease! Is that what our modern world needs? Traditions and conservative cultures? Abiding to the laws of the normal crowd?
Teen tribes are so last century. The world can actually be a better place without it, but then, there won't be any fun in destroying the queen bee of the school, wouldn't there? It's the ways of our lives, the certain ties that bind us.

Hahaa, a post which is actually sticking to the subject. I always tend to drift off somewhere when I post something on my blog and I never really stay on topic for long. (Hmm.. that sounds 'distracted' to me)

I'm still trying to cope with teenhood. Dealing with potty-training when I was a wee lassi…

Soap(y) Opera

This is a story of a girl
who cried a river
and drowned the whole world

Why is it that I'm always 'borrowing' excerpts from the lyrics of my favourite songs nowadays?
It's just so weird that I'm so caught up with MTV to the extent that my whole life is suddenly becoming a huge musical now. Almost every song I ever heard on radio is becoming my theme song. Worst of all, I sing it every chance I got. As if my wonderful vocals could make the cut for Malaysian Idol, or something. Maybe if I tried my luck at AF, I'd probably get it. The only reason I won't be able to advance is because of the beauty factor. Come on, don't expect me to look like Erra Fazira now, won't you?
Seriously, I think the contents of AF is just a whole bunch of popularity selling gimmicks. The artistes which actually came from from AF are not that vocally talented. Yet, I can't exactly fathom what the craze was all about.
Yeah, I know AF ended centuries ago and this is kind of old ch…

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams- I'm so bummed out!

Summer has come and past (not exactly, it's summer all year round in Malaysia!),
the holidays were gone so fast,
wake me up when December ends...

One more week until New Year!

Some people are just so psyched up about the New Year. Yeah, coz you got all the new year resolutions and stuff, and the New Year party..well, some people do celebrate, but I probably won't.
Basically, 2007 is just another chapter in my life. 2006 is slowly coming to an end. Another year, another memory. Subconsciously, I think I'm falling in another one of my nostalgic moods. Reminiscing the good old days- what good old days?! Seriously, I'm not that old?
Next year I'll be fifteen. (Soo old!)

If I were to summarize 2006 in a single word, it'd be totally challenging. (actually, that's two words) Honestly, you'd consider putting up with the silly whims of certain people a kind of challenge, you know. I've had my share of experience with weirdos who think I'm a weirdo. Isn't t…

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

It's that time of the year again for.............

For all those Christians out there, Christmas is just around the corner. And for my fellow Muslims, its Raya Haji. Seemingly so, Malaysia sure has a lot of festivities going on in a year due to the diversity of its culture amongst its inhabitants.
Aren't I lucky?

There are so many holidays here in Malaysia and I find it the only thing that I am ever thankful for. Truth be told, Malaysia is one of the most laid-back counries in the world.
(No wonder Mahathir tried to open our eyes to the fact that most Malays are quite lazy. I should know, I'm one of them.)

Not to say that there aren't any Malays who work hard for a living, it's just that the Chinese have often made more progress economically. This discrimination has often caused racism uproars in our society. Let's just hope that things do get better in the future.

All in all, I'm just hoping that next year won't be as dul…