Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Ties That Bind Us

Have you noticed that some people are actually willing to be manipulated like a puppet on a string? It's funny sometimes that just because you want to fit-in in a social clique, you actually have to follow every silly whim of a certain person so that you can belong in their group.
Dress codes, unwritten rules..puh-lease! Is that what our modern world needs? Traditions and conservative cultures? Abiding to the laws of the normal crowd?
Teen tribes are so last century. The world can actually be a better place without it, but then, there won't be any fun in destroying the queen bee of the school, wouldn't there? It's the ways of our lives, the certain ties that bind us.

Hahaa, a post which is actually sticking to the subject. I always tend to drift off somewhere when I post something on my blog and I never really stay on topic for long. (Hmm.. that sounds 'distracted' to me)

I'm still trying to cope with teenhood. Dealing with potty-training when I was a wee lassie some time ago was a lot easier, though (wee? did I say wee? Pee- wee or weewee? Look, there I go again!).

I haven't really writen a poem in ages and God, I miss that tingly feeling that I get each time after I've successfully written a personal masterpiece. Maybe I will write one in the future coz i'm rather tied down with things myself. Har-har. See ya!

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