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If memories were the sands in the hourglass I'd keep turning it over to relive the happier past To the starless nights and naive hopes and everything in between before the down hill slope
Somehow the pieces didn't fit right One end's loose, the other too tight Wasted times and wasted tears Consumed by overwhelming fears
No amount of my apology could undo the done Our fairy tale died, and bleak reality won Perhaps I could have gotten a stronger heart but I suppose I wrecked my own part
Excess of reason and overpowering ambitions Suffocating doubts and futures uncertain Too afraid of hurting that I hacked my own nerves The prize too good for what I deserve

There's a void now where my heart once was
It was too intense for my own good, I suppose
Who'd ever thought it'd bleed as it does
A turmoil of emotions, too ambivalent to compose
Despite it all, we still walk with the world
Don't miss your train like I did
Wheels against steel, a deafening silence
As the train, along with you, d…