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I finally finished the Bartimaeus Trilogy!
The third book, Ptolemy's Gate was quite a blast, but it started quite slowly at first. Then, the build-up was quite good and it left me breathless as the panicky situation was unravelled at a fast pace. It was also more emotional compared to the previous volumes which makes it an intriguing read as it explores the relationship between a master and his slave. There are a lot of loooong conversations too. What makes it an entertaining read is actually because of Bartimaeus's personality ( oh ya, he's a djinn, by the way).
One warning: you've gotta have a lot of patience reading this book..I skipped a few parts to get to the good ones.. ;-p
I don't know what else to blog about, but I'm just back from an exasperating golf game and I'll be retiring in front of the T.V. ....leaving my schoolwork abandoned.....heheheheh......

Charmed... Bewitched...Jinxed, Hexed and Cursed!

It's that time again for KOT[Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan @ Faris Petra_PC]. It was my first ever as I came late, unfortunately, I missed it all as I went for Public Speaking competition in Kemumin. I came in second in the Kubang Kerian Zone..
Back to KOT, my house, Rahman, came in first, second, Hussein and third Mahathir with their Halloween decoration theme. Trick or treat!
Razak's decor theme, the 1970's..Hussein, cowboys..and Rahman, stone age.
Mahatir's beautiful display tent wow-ed the crowds. Too bad I didn't get to peep to see how bewitching it was..
Currently, I'm working on my newest project, a graphic novel entitiled 'Cursed'. Well, I guess that it must've been a real curse as I've never finished it-ever! I've rewritten it several times in the past and never got around with satisfying results..*sigh*.. I keep telling myself.." timelah.." must've been the M.A.L.A.S. Syndrome after all..I'd better find…

Pemburu Malam

Kau membelenggui fikiranku..
Kau mengaburi pandangan mataku
Pandai kau mengelak, pandai pula kau ghaib
Adakah kau fikir keupayaanmu itu ajaib?

Hentikanlah buruanmu itu,
Agarku lena memejamkan mata
Tenang dihanyut mimpi indah
Tanpa rasa resah dan gelisah

Usahlah engkau mengejarku lagi
Aku tidak akan jatuh ke tanganmu
Tidak mungkin, dan tidak sesekali..
Diriku milikku sendiri

Tiada siapa yang punya
Kerana prinsipku..'aku punya suka'

My Life As A Fish In A Tank


My expression is of no particular mood
As I live my life talking to walls in solitude
I can see that Iam deprived of any connection
To the world beyond these walls..spinning in utter confusion

Screams and wails
Aaah! loud and deafening
I may not feel the breeze nor the gail
But I do surely fear the glass walls shattering
From this bombastic pandemonium
Constantly occuring outside my aquarium
Humans, rushing here and there
Shouting and yelling everywhere..

Such chaos outside these walls
Yet these waters remained undisturbed
As calm as ever

Here I am as always..
Blankly staring into space
Spending the rest of my life as a fish in a fish tank...

-Anne Kay(NK..that's me)- A good inspiration only comes once in a while and this is one of it. Har, har..Guess when I thought of it?..


It's just another day in my life. I'm back home in KL and enjoying my NOT true!!.. It's so darn tiring. Endless homework, neverending worries..currently I'm hung-up on Golf practice as I have an upcoming tournament..and I'm still waiting for the third and last installment of the Bartimaeus Trilogy..sigh..when are my parents gonna buy it?..even if I did get it, will I be able to read it in peace? Crummy..In the meantime, I'm gonna do my homework and start studying ( yipes! I have a big exam coming too! Right away after my return to Faris). In between, a quick skim through Detective Conan won't hurt..and..Artemis Fowl..and also milk and cookies...naahh..I'm never gonna get things done ;-)

Campus Blues

Dear Zah.....,

Hi, long time no see..I'm currently writing in from Faris Petra. Busy giler lah sekarang ni. No time to lepak. Always rushing aje. Kerja pun bertambun. Homework, hostelwork...AARRghh!! Serabutnya.. I don't really have much to write except my complaints, but this is just an alasan to blog:->

Kah...Kah... Kahh...p/s: ingat,deh.. study molek nak UPSR nanti..

Peace! Luv ya lots. MMuahh....
-From your annoying sister-