Sunday, March 05, 2006

Campus Blues

Dear Zah.....,

Hi, long time no see..I'm currently writing in from Faris Petra. Busy giler lah sekarang ni. No time to lepak. Always rushing aje. Kerja pun bertambun. Homework, hostelwork...AARRghh!! Serabutnya.. I don't really have much to write except my complaints, but this is just an alasan to blog:->

Kah...Kah... Kahh...p/s: ingat,deh.. study molek nak UPSR nanti..

Peace! Luv ya lots. MMuahh....
-From your annoying sister-

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InMine said...


Just remember your priority;

Study is your topmost priority and others such as co-curriculum activities are lower priority.

Remember that and you will be okay.