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my sadness is the  red orange yellow bleeding into each other streaking across the lapis lazuli sky as the sun sets in the horizon

my melancholy
is the ebony platinum silk
the muted cloak that drapes
over the earth in
her instance of ethereal solitude

as my sights feast
on these exquisite images
my insides ache
keeping these feelings
from breaking the seams
inundating rivers
of listless fervor

this tired soul yearns to taste life again

-N.K., Hamilton, 11.40 pm, 10/19/14

Flu Season

Recovery am I finally convalescing
there's just this dull ache in my heart
where you used to be
I don't really feel it anymore
except when I take a step forward
opening a new door

am I supposed to learn to coexist
with this immovable torment
they say you can start with a clean slate
a new book
but really I'm just turning a new page
and I can still peek at earlier chapters

I want to escape this state of catatonia
let me feel again
administer a stimulation to my senses
so that I wake with a jolt
and I can once again embrace life's fullness
run abreast with the rest of the world