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"Kito minum teh beng dulu!!.." Note: teh beng is actually a Kelantanese slang for teh susu with ice.

I played golf on January 27, 2006. The photo on the left showed my driving. I stink at it because I haven't touched a golf club in two years. I played with my dad at Kundang Lakes Golf Course. The green fees are quite affordable and the golf course is situated in a suburban area with slightly 'kampung'-like scenery. See, I told you anyone can play golf if they are interested. It's not just a luxurious game for the rich.The fun that comes from playing the game is completely priceless. Yaboosucks Lambdarians..[I apologize if I'm being too harsh in any way]. That day I came home with an unforgettable experience of my first time playing a full 18-hole game.. and a blister-OUCH!

Mobile Phones @ school..[Chronicles Of Mischief & Mishaps]

$$$..waahhh..dah masuk duit biasiswa bulan nih..Bleh aku gi beli handphone. SIM card dah ada. No problemmm....
Inilah kisah sedih lagi menyayat hati drama budak2 skolah zaman skrg..
So it begins..
Right now the hottest issue in question is whether or not the mobilephone should be brought to school..
Our students have also caught up in the action. Day by day, more and more students become more daring to 'SMUGGLE' mobilephones into the school grounds although the mobile phones are prohibited within the school compounds. Are we teaching our youths these distorted values to smuggle illegal items?
Those who agree with the approval of bringing the mobilephone to school give reasons that the mobilephone will be used to contact relatives in times of emergency. But will the mobilephone be used only for that purpose? Still young and unwise, it is most likely that our youths will use the mobilephone to contact their 'loved' ones. Thus it will lead to a massive…

I'm Just a Kid

I'm just a kid.. and my life is a nightmare.....
I'm turning 14 this May, much to my sorrow, I'm moving much closer to PMR..[shudder..]
My life feels a whole lot shorter as I grow older. You might say that I still have a loooong way to go, but can you imagine tnat it just feels like yesterday I was sitting for my UPSR. Form 1 also felt like a dream. Till now I still can't believe I'm in Faris and I'm already a teen. Truth be told, I don't think I'm ready to embrace teenagehood yet. Peer pressure, boys..I shy away from the thought of marriage or even coupling. It's too scary. Taboo. And therefore, I have always been labeled 'immatured' by most of my classmates. To my opinion, dating some one does not make you an adult[okay, they do it, but I don't think it is appropriate to do so at my age]. School is a whole lot more important than wasting your time and money on dates, SMSes and whatnot. Perhaps my way of thinking might still be that of a …