Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mobile Phones @ school..[Chronicles Of Mischief & Mishaps]

$$$..waahhh..dah masuk duit biasiswa bulan nih..Bleh aku gi beli handphone. SIM card dah ada. No problemmm....
Inilah kisah sedih lagi menyayat hati drama budak2 skolah zaman skrg..
So it begins..
Right now the hottest issue in question is whether or not the mobilephone should be brought to school..
Our students have also caught up in the action. Day by day, more and more students become more daring to 'SMUGGLE' mobilephones into the school grounds although the mobile phones are prohibited within the school compounds. Are we teaching our youths these distorted values to smuggle illegal items?
Those who agree with the approval of bringing the mobilephone to school give reasons that the mobilephone will be used to contact relatives in times of emergency. But will the mobilephone be used only for that purpose? Still young and unwise, it is most likely that our youths will use the mobilephone to contact their 'loved' ones. Thus it will lead to a massive expenditure on phonebills and prepaid top-up cards. Teenagers should be educated on the proper use of handphones and they should also be equipped with the awareness that coupling is a total waste of time.
All in all, the mobilephone is both a privilage and a 'disaster'[hehehe..I'm not quite sure which adjective to use]. Of course, us human beings don't know any better than to abuse the privilages given to us. Believe it, it's true. 100% undeniable. Peace!

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