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Sometimes in life, we have to laugh ourselves silly..laughing at ourselves!
Life must go on and there will always be more room for improvement.
So, for my last post before I go back to school, I'm gonna put my debating pictures,
then and now.. just for fun
see how much I've evolved from the 4-minute emo speech to the 8-minute still emo speech, haha.
however, I haven't any pictures on my public speaking though, so I don't know how I fared. One judge commented me last year that I was as stiff as a robot!

so, here we go!


UIA 2007- against RMC, yep, this is the one I'm talking about! The most embarrassing debate, aww, my first time..

look at Mirul, covering his face in shame, Kak Ainul, praying kot?
and at the back at that time, Teacher Rozy was having a good laugh with Amirul Irfan, RMC's researve at that time.

okay..this went out of hand! what the hell was I doing??
These pictures are really old ones that reside in my thumbdrive that I have yet to upload.hahaI can see the reason why..

O..kay..I can't remember this one is with which school, but this has got to be the ugliest one yet!

now, the 'katok meja' ones..

this one s with SMK Bandar Kinrara, I think. I was third speaker and FARIS was Government on the motion, This House Suports Free Trade. At that time it was me, Kak Ainul and Kak Fikah.Oh yeah, and we lost, cos I didn't do my job as 3rd peaker.

ni dgn ape eh? x igt lgsg daa..

okay, look at my 'blurr' face

that was rhen..
but for my experiences, I would like to thank my sifus..

This one is from the SAKTI quarantine room, which is a lab that we shared with SBPI Gopeng


not many pictures were actually taken during the actual debate, but at least, I found my smile..

at that time we were against TKC, so tensionla sikit

now, the few pictures during the debate. this was against SAKTI

Nafis the cool PM, senyum sokmo..

at that time, Jija the Casanova Debater (CIkgu PAridah's words, not mine) failed to menggoda that day! xpe, better luck next time

hehe, me sempat lg tu!

This is our Government streak pictures, despite Nafis being a PKR and me being pro-PAS, eih, x baik main politik tau, kecik2 ni!

against SAKTI this one. ei, why does everyone look so cute?

This one's against Lahad Datu. Abg Dayat's first time as PM.

All in all, that's all for this post, I'd like to give a big thanks to SYAfirie and Teacher Nik for pointers on our.well, points. And a big MMMMmmmmuuuUUUAAAHHH! to this year's debate team..

I'd like to also extend my sincerest apologies because some of these pictures are not actually from my camera and muuch of it came from Amin's and NAfis' and abg Dayat's and YB Mirul's and lots more. Sumimasen, and syukran! Well, memories are supposed to be shared, so here ya go!

Ei, apasal bnyk sgt typo lately ni? xde quality control ka?


kpikah said…
hey darling..
not ur fault[commenting on ur performance in uia 2007]..
mine, the worst lorh..
i bet u're doing great this year kan??
if not, mane leh menang byk..
cheers 2 ya!!
frankie Foo™ said…
kam! ahaha~ miss that amirul n ainul larh.. tyme debate dulu.. but u x debate dat tyme n i wonder y.. huu~ :)
aRiFF hAFIZi said…
seems u'r SO PASSIONATE on deb8!!!!!!! BAgus2!!

Best of Luck!! C-ya next PPM k!!

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