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When all there is between you and me
are miles and miles of separation and distance,
time and anticipation

the only thing that keeps us holding on,
are merely words of love
and unconditional TRUST.

My absence
does not necessarily equate to a deficit
in my affection,
rather, I think of you often
to keep the fire burning at night
so that I don't succumb to the merciless cold.

no matter what the risks are,
I'd gamble all my luck
if winning is worth everything.

no matter how far
or how long time keeps you away from me,
separated by two glass walls,
or blinded in a pitch black room,
I'd still find you.

no matter how fate can turn you inside out,
or upside down

will keep things together,
drawn like gravity,
and leads the rivers back to the ocean.

will give strength to dreams;
the extra step to conquer the mountain;
the reason to keep believing and pushing on.

Trust me,
Don't give up on hope
Don't give up on dreams
Don't give up on faith
Don't give …

Art and Life

In Sepet, Orked says, "Every Malay is lazy."

hahaha.Who couldn't agree more? Is it because they embrace the fact that makes it so much harder to change their mindset?

I know it's a tad bit old. I just started watching Yasmin Ahmad's films. Well, in my house you don't get much Malay movies. I've seen a few Malay movies and not many are worth my money nor to be deemed watchable, sadly. However, for a local film, Yasmin Ahmad's movies are a class of their own.

There is a sense of 'art' in which each scene is captured. It feels a lot more 'real' than other Malay movies. It is not superficial like other Malay movies, where they always capture KL life, polished homes, even some of the rumah papan looks so fake. The diversity in language and culture portrayed as well as the use of music from different ethnicities, it makes it all the more interesting. Another fact that I liked it is a lot of use of English. ngee~

Orked's character is engagi…

How Much I Watch FIFA This Year

I am generally not a football fan. I don't have that attention span to watch how the ball gets passed around back and forth between two ends of the field, and I just don't get the hype to shout "GOAL!". I've watched FIFA finals in 2004, and that's about that. I don't watch EPL, or any other football matches. Well, I value sleep more than having to stay up at 2 am to watch football. Then in 2009, I watched the Kelantan-Negeri Sembilan match, and I decided, that's it, I'm not watching anymore local football. It was so agitating watching them play like amateurs compared to the real action in FIFA.

So far, this year, I watched:

Germany vs. Serbia
Portugal vs. Korea DPR
Brazil vs. Portugal
Germany vs. England
Paraguay vs. Japan
Spain vs. Portugal

Not that many matches, I know. During prelims, I only watch the 7 o'clock slots.Yeah, I hate to stay up, and I'm more likely to be in front of the computer. I actually stayed up until 2 for Spain and …

and I'm sayin' OMG, there's so many ways to love ya

What's with me and loong post titles now eh?

Oh, that song just popped into my head, by the way. At this point, I am so so certain I'm not getting my three essays back from my school. I should've known. Oh well, so much for keeping my hopes up, but I know I won't be seeing creative writing for a long long time.

Anyway, just blogging random thoughts these few days, nothing much going on. Just getting ready for school-I mean, college. There's a LOT of change I have to embrace. I'm pretty much terrified of not being able to cope. So, lately, I've been revising my Form 5 Add Maths (the least revised, sorry to say, I'm most teacher-centric on this subject. I think, apart from Physics, this is the only one subject that I'm very teacher-centric), Physics (teacher-centric also, but less compared to Add Maths. For these two subjects, I owe it a lot to Aiman Yusoh for helping me figure it out) and Chemistry (so far in terms of understanding, I'm fine I gu…



I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad

Buy all of the things I never had

Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Oh every time I close my eyes

I see my name in shining lights

A different city every night oh

I swear the world better prepare

For when I’m a billionaire


Know that song?

haha.okay, so I've been thinking.

When I was little, I used to have an ambition that I'd be filthy rich and live the luxurious lifestyle like a movie star, although I might not be one. You know, have a mansion with a swimming pool and maids. A big wide-screen TV and karaoke set, high-tech gadgets, a roomful of clothes and shoes, and all the money in the world to buy anything I want, and I can spend it or give it to anyone non-chalantly because my money reserve is so bottomless, kind of like you know, the Scrooge duck in the Mickey Mouse shows.

Then, I started writng stories, and I thought if I wrote a best-seller, I'd get to that dream. well, l…

Ignore The Wolverine Picture

hahaha. it has nothing to do whatsoever with what I have to post, but yeah, I just watched X-Men Origins and Hugh Jackman is so appealing. hahahaha
Anyway, just a random one here. I have yet to start college, but it's in 19 days away, and I'm not even 40% done with the preparations. Up till now before college, most of my school friends are now in Uni, and out of sheer boredom sometimes, I still ring them up, like I still can't let go of it, while some, like Syakir, so easily and effortlessly sever the ties, and cease to contact anyone.
There are many aspects to my fear of the unknown, and to elaborate one by one, well, it's going to be a long one, and like I said before, everybody has a bit of Asperger's in them.
I initially wanted to post some random memory I had about school, but suddenly I just forgot, which explains why my Down Memory Lane suddenly went dry of ideas, and stopped at 13. Well, actually I have a lot planned, but when it came to writing it down, there…

I Am Reminded Once Again Of How Much I Hate Stalkers

I watched Obsessed on HBO. My God, it was creepy. Actually, it was predictable, Beyonce' will save the day in the end, and of course, the climax boils down to the typical horror movie/thriller tips and tricks, and I caught myself laughing my head off, because seeing a cat fight in 3-inch heels is damn hillarious. Not to say that the movie is bad, no, it's actually watchable, well, due to the fact that, everybody is somewhat afraid of stalkers, and yeah, Ali Larter makes such a creepy, but HOT stalker. Imagine if you replace Ali Larter with a weirdo guy who's socially challenged and dresses funny, and the one being stalked is you, Ohh God...if that hapens, I'll be having a nightmare! But that's the kind of thought that plays in your head when you watch this movie. It's not so much that it's so original that makes an impact on you, but rather, it's the questions behind that movie that actually makes you feel discomfort. Another issue to ponder about here …

Tertawalah, kerana seluruh dunia akan tertawa bersamamu. Jangan bersedih, kerana kamu bersedih sendirian

Positif sekali tajuk blog post kali ini ya?
Julung-julung kalinya saya cuba menulis dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan yang tertib. Selalunya saya menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris yang bersifat slanga.

Ungkapan itu, mungkin tidak setepat mana seperti yang tertulis dalam buku yang dipetik ayat tersebut, tetapi, lebih kurang samalah maksudnya.
Saya baru sahaja selesai membaca tiga daripada tetralogi Laskar Pelangi karya Andrea Hirata.

Nyata saya tidak dapat memberikan ulasan terperinci dari segi lenggok dan komponen sasteranya kerana dari dulu sampai sekarang, saya agak buta sastera Melayu. Walau bagaimanapun, saya masih dapat berkongsi pendapat mengenai buah fikiran yang ingin disampaikan  dan jalan ceritanya.
Buku pertama ialah Laskar Pelangi. Buku ini, setakat ini yang paling tebal dan mengisahkan perihal zaman kanak-kanak penulis. Rasanya sinopsisnya boleh dibaca dari sumber internet lain. Mengenai buku pertama ini, bagi saya, pacing (apa ya istilahnya dalam Bahasa Melayu?) ceritanya agak lambat, da…

To Do

1. Medical Check-up. Check. Done. 21st collect report.

2. Fill in forms:

> the ones in the yellow booklet (3, excluding 2 medical forms, + 2 surat terima biasiswa)
> 3 Perjanjian
> aku janji

Taylor's College: application form (passport photo, certified copy of IC, SPM results, MQA transcript)

3. mati setem (3)

4. open CIMB account. (make a copy of penyata akaun bank to be submitted during registration).

5. photostat offer letter (several copies. definitely certified ones for PLKN, another one for Taylor's).

6. start buying stationary, toiletries, log books

Playtime's Over, Kam

Program: International Canadian Pre-University (ICPU)

Basically, by the end of the program you obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12)

Duration: 1 year.

2 semesters, each comprising 20 weeks of classes and examinations. Students complete 3 credit subjects each semester. This enables students to have a greater control of their progress throughout the course.


MQA Subjects:  Malaysian students are required to study MQA compulsory subjects (Malaysian Studies and Moral Education/Islamic Studies) in the first semester. They are also required to take Bahasa Kebangsaan A in the second semester if they do not have a credit in Bahasa Melayu at SPM level.

Timetable Classes are from 8.00am/ 9.15am to 4.45pm everyday. Students will be given double
periods (75 minutes X 2) for each subject.

Second semester: Students will take FOUR (4) Pre–U subjects in the second semester.

English 4UPhysicsChemistryAdvanced FunctionsCalculus and Vector(elective subject. recommended:…


I grew up in KL, but I don't know the friggin' way around it. Put me in the middle of KL, or tell me to find my way to certain places, and I'll get lost for sure.

I've never taken the bus in KL, so I think I know Kelantan bus routes better.

I'm so paranoid of crowds, getting lost, getting kidnapped in a public transport.

I've only been to Midvalley once. It's so big I get lost, I don't have proper bearings there. Well, it takes time even for me to get my bearings right. The parking lots are creepy.

Thank God some interviews were conducted at KL Sentral area, if not, I wouldn't even know what's there or how to take an LRT myself. It's quite simple actually.

I've never been to The Curve, Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid. No reason to go there either. They're all the same to me. I've been to Times Square whatnot, and they're just lepak places. Maybe it's because I haven't been there yet that I say so, once I've actually bee…

get busy

Imma check this out:

1. University of Toronto (engineering #1 canada , #5 NAmerica #8 world) – BASc in Computer/ Electrical Engineering (minor Bioengineering)

2. University of British Columbia (#17 world ) no biomedical

3. McGill University (#20 world) - No bachelors for biomedical but offers Masters in biomedical engineering

4. University of Waterloo (#27 world) – BASc in Electrical/Computer with Biomechanics option

5. University of Alberta (#46 world) - BASc in Electrical Eng. with biomedical engineering option... See More

6. University of Calgary (#87 world) – BASc in Biomedical Engineering Specialization

7. McMaster University (#89 world) – BASc in Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

8. Simon Fraser University – BASc in Biomedical Engineering (honors)

nanti nak cari jugak sal Taylor's and ICPU. and also Canada. There must be more than just maple syrup and Avril Lavigne. (of course lah!)

time to get busy.

My Blog Looks So GAYY Now

I love blogger's new toy: the template designer thannggg.. love the jelly beans!

I changed my blog name to Gambar Gajah (ARAHAN: sila teliti gambar rajah gajah di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikutnya) , just a random thought, and it's a funny name, but don't expect me to post pictures of elephants .

okay, just to commemorate the change of name,'s one snagged from the internet..

Gambar Rajah Gajah 1.1

 Berapa kali blog ini sudah bertukar nama? _________________________________ (5 m)
2. Berapakah umur blog ini?
__________________________________(5 m)

Jumlah: __ / 10 m

hahahaha, lawak..lawak..macam tak ada kerja je aku ni

Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Kuasa

Keputusan Rayuan JPA PILN: Engineering, Canada
International Canadian Pre-University (ICPU) 1 Tahun at Taylor's College, Subang Jaya


Kenapa tajuk post sedemikian rupa? well, aku dalam stage merapu-rapu ni. *that time of the month* perghhh....alasan!

Sebenarnya, itu bunyi Grover the satyr bleating. kononnya.

Baru sahaja melengkapkan koleksi series Percy Jackson. Nyata puas hati dan tamatlah kegilaan Percy Jackson. Nasib baiklah pacing cerita dia agak cepat dan setiap judul tu taklah tebal sangat. Bahasa pun santai. If it were more than 5 books, I'd already be bored by then.

Masuk buku terakhir ini, memang sedikit kebosanan telah dirasai.

Dah boleh agak dah siapa belot siapa, siapa yang nak mengorat siapa, ending macam mana.

Tapi nasib baiklah buku last baru nak bosan, kalau tengah-tengah jalan dah bosan, alamatnya tak sempat habislah baca series dia ni. Out of  the five books, I really like the third and fourth book (eihh, kebetulan sama dengan Harry Potter). Daedalus is so cool. haha.

Not much to be said pasal buku ni. As usual, a modest end to a spectacular heroic saga. ceh.

Still, tak ada buku boleh beat end…

TAG dari FIKRI, rakan berontak di sekolah

1.Apa yg bermain difikiran anda sekarang ni??

aku sebenarnya jarang buat tag, melainkan yang "stylo", tapi takpe, demi Fikri, aku buat gak..hahaha..actually lots of other things on my mind, tapi satu benda ni je boleh pinpoint setakat ni

Apakah nama samaran u'all??

nama samaran, not gelaran ek? gelaran tu banyak, (kam, kambing, camel, kamil dsbg nya) tapi nama samaran tak banyak, ok la, nama samaran gue Wonder Woman, muahahahha (koya tahap gaban!)

Berikan 3 orang yg u'all sayang

just because tak tertulis doesnt mean aku tak sayang okay, tapi nak pilih tiga: my mum, my dad and myself.hahaha.kena sayang diri sendiri okay, kalau tak..

Panggilan utk si dia

.... ( comment)

Hadiah yg korang impikan dari seseorang yg istimewa

bab-bab hadiah ni macam-macam boleh jadi. tapi setakat ini nak hadiah kebolehan memandu terrer gila. hahaha

Blog mane yg korang suke visit??

erm, banyak le. malas nak list. yang dalam blog list tu semua la. tapi yang kerap update tu yang lebih kera…

Underneath Your Clothes

Honestly, NOTHING dirty in this blog post, chill.

That's a Shakira song that I really like. I haven't any idea for a blog post title, I just so happen to be listening to this song.

Okay, I'm blogging to put things into perspective.

Pa just got a call from this Yayasan thing offering to give me a scholarship ONLY for my Foundation studies. Interview's this Saturday, proabably meting their Board of Trustees, so, sorry, can't hang out with some of ya guys.

The thing is, I know I still pine for JPA, but the last time, what happened?

Although I'd much rather want JPA (overseas appeal) or MARA, but looking at the circumstances of the very very very slim chance of getting it, well, if I got it, I'd be considered very lucky, in fact, it'd be a miracle, but maybe this Yayasan thing is a back door, just in case JPA ditched me again. Perhaps God is offering me a way out of this. And yes, I admit, I dread interviews, I'd rather start studying already like the…