Friday, June 18, 2010

To Do

1. Medical Check-up. Check. Done. 21st collect report.

2. Fill in forms:

> the ones in the yellow booklet (3, excluding 2 medical forms, + 2 surat terima biasiswa)
> 3 Perjanjian
> aku janji

Taylor's College: application form (passport photo, certified copy of IC, SPM results, MQA transcript)

3. mati setem (3)

4. open CIMB account. (make a copy of penyata akaun bank to be submitted during registration).

5. photostat offer letter (several copies. definitely certified ones for PLKN, another one for Taylor's).

6. start buying stationary, toiletries, log books

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Abesa007 said...

saya pergi 21 jun ni~