Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, yesterday, I went to my little sister's kindergarten sports day held at SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju Hall. Well, the field is wet because it has been raining almost every day in KL, well, in my area.

Anyway, I was the photographer that day, a tak bertauliah one, mind you. Here are some of the pics. They are so cute!

bacaan ikar

This is not a running in a sack event, this is a running sack

balloon haul

bean bag race

future Rahman formation?

Well, I guess that's about that.


kam admin said...

I actually wanted to upload a video for this post, unfortunately I was not able to do so.

fatma nadia said...

wasn't able to upload? but why?
It's wonderful to see the ways that the community/school/kindergarten comes up with to make life easier for the kids and the parents...and you also!
apesal x join main skali? haha (:

aRiFF hAFIZi said...

mengingatkan aku tyme aku kecik...
kanak2 riang.. hahaha

kam admin said...

okay, now I know why I can't upload the video. Blogger only allows 100 MG, the video is 15o, darn!!

Syakir, Pasir Tumboh said...

Salam Kam
I was hoping to hear from you after all of the.......... of form four. Wll dont try to get emo on me. im sick of it, let juz accept that my mouth is far harmful than a vat of acid. i alredy open my blog fo public but there's nothing much to see.

fatma nadia said...

new tag.
klaw rajin buat la.