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Fictitious Friends

*Hi, my name is Kitty Fuego. Meow, meow, meow.... Don't worry, I will only be occupying a small column of this blog. It's not everyday I get my fifteen minutes of fame. I have a schizophrenic brother and a grave-digger dad. To all those zombies out there, I'm not interested.
*Konbawa, I'm Ken Yamamoto. I never went to school. I'm home tutored. I now manage a prospering business at my dad's restaurant. Come by and visit if you may, it is situated along Pistachio Road, Condor Town. Send my regards to Sam Sylvester who lives in Hazelnut Avenue, Kestrel City.
*Luc Le Millefueille in da house. I'm not a 'Fictitious Friend', I am a 'Fictitious Fiend'. HAHAHAHA!
*Yo, this is Vlad. Don't listen to my sister Cassandra.She is friends with' Lunatic Luc' and 'Krazy Kitty'. Auvoir. Bon voyage!
*Good day, I'm Aoshi, Ken's brother. To all those people out there, please come to my brother's shop.
*Attention to Aoshi, this is Jerem…


HAHAHA.. I've been updating my blog in English as it is an international language, but there are times which calls for me to write in BM. My BM is pretty bad like my Maths and I'm giving all my effort to improve it. So, maybe in the future you might come across some 'sajak' which I will write. If I could, I'd write in several other languages. Tapi, malangnya, kalau bahasa Arab pun teruk, bagaimana pula dengan bahasa Jepun? And what of the time? Now that I am in SMS TENGKU MUHD FARIS PETRA [yep, I got SBP, but fourth intake. Malunyer!], I doubt I have time to sit down and learn it properly. And stuff to memorise, homework to do. No matter, I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog so far. I try and make it as amusing as possible.


Suatu hari tibanya
Seorang putera
Mengembara nusantara
Dalam usaha mengubat jiwa

Kembaranya tiada henti
Dalam lamunan sepi
Hatinya berdesis
'Kemana kanku pergi?'

Anak muda zaman kini
Berani mengharungi
Samudera berbara
Tetapi alpa a…

Public Speaking [style rojak]

Wahai insan sekalian.. assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh.. Bangkitnya pejuang ini dengan menegakkan keadilan.. HEY YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE! Stop burning thrash outside ur homes and dispose of it properly. Dunia ni dah nak qiamat. Apasal nak punahkan lagi bumi ini? Tidakkah anda sedar bahawa bumi ini suatu anugerah kurniaan Tuhan yang tiada gantinya?Akan tetapi, manusia tidak berhak memiliki anugerah itu. Why don't you at least stop thinking about developement for a while and take the condition of our environment into consideration?Our Earth is dying and when it does.. kita akan kehilangan nikmat yang paling besar kurnian Tuhan.. Oleh itu, bukalah mata anda dan lihat dunia ini dari perspektif yang baru.. STOP THE POLUTION.. Sekian. Wabillauhitaufikhidayat.Assalamualaikumwaramatullahiwabarakatuh. Pesanan ini ditujukan khas untuk manusia yang suka sangat buang sampah merata-rata. Eh ada orang yang terasa kat dalam bilik ni! Apahal pulak? That's all for now. Salam sejahtera pe…

What's That All About?

Fanatism kills.... yep you'll see that it' s all sadly true. It kills your time and you divulge into purely mindless entertainment which spirals to the demise of a perfectly healthy human brain. Fanatism clouds your judgement and also results in excessive expenses. Humans be warned. Don't let the entertainment get to your head. Don't let yourself get brainwashed into worshipping akademi fantasia stars like Mawi,such and such.. Please,don't rot your brain with such junk..


Come forth have i to Faris. 'Tis dungeon for the soul and a paradise for the insane. With its king, en. Wan hamzah at reign. In its majestic compounds roam the prince and princesses. Here, we are given proper tutoring by well qualified 'Merlins' compare to that of my previous school [yaboosucks to seri keramat. I apologize if i am being to harsh in any possible way].