Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fictitious Friends

*Hi, my name is Kitty Fuego. Meow, meow, meow.... Don't worry, I will only be occupying a small column of this blog. It's not everyday I get my fifteen minutes of fame. I have a schizophrenic brother and a grave-digger dad. To all those zombies out there, I'm not interested.
*Konbawa, I'm Ken Yamamoto. I never went to school. I'm home tutored. I now manage a prospering business at my dad's restaurant. Come by and visit if you may, it is situated along Pistachio Road, Condor Town. Send my regards to Sam Sylvester who lives in Hazelnut Avenue, Kestrel City.
*Luc Le Millefueille in da house. I'm not a 'Fictitious Friend', I am a 'Fictitious Fiend'. HAHAHAHA!
*Yo, this is Vlad. Don't listen to my sister Cassandra.She is friends with' Lunatic Luc' and 'Krazy Kitty'. Auvoir. Bon voyage!
*Good day, I'm Aoshi, Ken's brother. To all those people out there, please come to my brother's shop.
*Attention to Aoshi, this is Jeremy speaking.. this is not an advertising column. If it is, I'd already advertise myself.
*Diumumkan ketibaan Yang Amat Berhormat.. [ 'koya keturunan diraja' nihh..] Lao Fei Kang. Takde apa sangat cuma nak shoutout kat Settaku, Arethusa dan yang lain-lain member.
*Aloha, Meia here! I'm having a good time in Hawaii. How about you? I hope you had a good time getting to know us. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Anonymous said...

keep up your entries. it's interesting.

Kuman said...

waaa for a 13year old.. i am surely amazed!!! Keep up the good work!!! Dunt stop blogging!!!