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I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely

-The Used-

Whew! A whole week of not studying! That is totally odd after months of marathon study for PMR. I'm currently in the post-'post Brooke' phase. 4 whole days of babysitting an eleven-year-old orang asli..hurm.. a pretty educational experience, I might say..for me..but I'm not sure if it is the same for her, though. Sadly, I have this dreaded feeling at the pit of my heart that she has learnt nothing from me. To make the story short, these indigenous children are very passive and need food (lots of it, i repeat, lots of it!) to continually fuel their interest in learning. I did have fun during the closing ceremony though, and was satisfactorily entertained by Nasrur and Rizu's (two very talented and outstanding orang asli pupils who learn quite fast in comparison to others and are musically-inclined) rendition of Ungu's song, Demi Waktu, Jinbara's song…

My Unintended

I'm going back today =(
My class is seemingly doing a drama on inter-species romance. An alien princess with a homo sapien teenager. It's gonna be fun. The props are gonna be out-of-this-world and maybe, kind of complex to make, but all the same, marvelous if we can pull it off. For the setting, we might be doing a space backdrop. Costumes, perhaps a blend of futuristic, contemporary and medievel and a little touch of Goth as it will be in a modern-day Halloween setting. We haven't discussed the storyline yet, but it's going to be a fusion of comedy, action and the lot.. Inspirations come from an array of popular sci-fi characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and a Malay short story Anyss Sophillea. I just can't wait.

I Caught Fire In Your Eyes

Last Day of cuti for me!! Tomorrow I'll be going back..
for filling in the after PMR activities, I'm to 'babysit' a rural indigenous kid from SK Post Brooke, Gua Musang.. how delightful is that?
I can consider myself a 'professional' (har,har) babysitter..babies cry at the sight of me..huhuhuhuhu..that's right, leave the kids to me..and I might turn into the child-roasting hag of hansel and gretel..
currently, I'm hooked on Fall Out Boy, The Used and MCR (of course!)
I can't wait for English drama..

Dashboard Confessional

Man, my friends are back at school and I'm stuck here!!
I finished reading Diana Wynne Jones' Black Maria', yeah, another chlidren's book, I know, and a tad bit old cheese by now, but it's still a good read. nice exposition, however I've yet to come to a satisfactory ending to match that of the Bartimaeus Trilogy. It's not nice to compare, I know, but I'd really like to see more action in my life for once..or maybe I'm just upset over other things which cloud my proper judgment of the book =(

Times Tell

Everything is f’ed up
Straight from the heart
Tell me what do you do
When it all falls apart
Gotta pick myself up
Where do I start
‘Cause I can’t turn to you
When it all falls apart

-the Veronicas-

Another day of Raya and it doesn't feel like Raya.
I don't know, maybe it doesn't feel like Raya because my home environment isn't accustomed to the Raya traditions.
There's definitely nothing to watch on TV except boring, boring, soppy Raya drama and yeah, there's the concert.
I'm so darn bored and am I missing school??
God, I can't wait to learn Biology and Sejarah and Additional Maths and Physics..
and PMR results are still two months away-damn!!


Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there
with open arms and open eyes, yeah
I'll be there


I finally finished the final instalment of Harry Potter! this is my review, but I must warn you that it does contain spoilers.
Overall, a better plot build-up compared to the fifth book (that was, in my opinion, the most 'kureng' of the seven-I dare not say more than that, as a proper adjective would be too treacherous to Potter readers alike, such as myself). The body count is high, but the deceased all died for Harry. (Hedwig didn't desearve to die!!)
After my conversion to pro-Snape, I guess that it was unfair for him to sacrifice hmself on Potter's behalf after all that his dad and he, himself has done to him.
Sadly, unlike the sixth book which showcases Voldemort's (I dare!) ingenuity and his rise as a powerful and very much demented Dark Lord , the seventh book depicts Voldemort as a typical villain who is ignorant and careless.
Ron, although a 'tra…

MPH essay 2006 2



Sweat rolled down his temple. I watched him grin triumphantly as he finished off his welding and put in the last rivet onto the body of his creation.

“Eureka!” Demetrius gave a victorious cry. The heat of the moment swept him away with a wave of euphoria washing over his young, adolescent face.

My skeptical mind refused to process the image that my eyes were seeing. There, in the centre of the Foxglove Manor garage stood a man-made marvel – a time machine, or as my extremely intelligent cousin calls it  a ‘Chronocraft’.

The pale glow reflecting off the copper and aluminum surface gave it a glossy metallic sheen, which complemented its beautiful craftsmanship: an impeccable masterpiece. Nobody else could have pulled it off other than my child prodigy cousin, Demetrius  a mere 15 year-old. I had to admit that his intellect is unmatched but could he have unveiled the secrets of our universe?

“Lysander, have I not accomplished the ultimate g…

MPH essay 2006 1


I attempted to tear myself away from his gaze. This proved rather difficult, for sitting across the table was a man in his late thirties, grinning like the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. He was dressed smartly in a creaseless white suit like that of a ‘professional entrepreneur’.

“Now then, I’m Smeeves from Chrono Corporation. You’re Lynette Parson, correct? Well, now, I believe we’re properly acquainted.”

I nodded reluctantly in response.

The Millefueille Café was packed that day. Several business luncheons were held at almost every table. I was uneasy as I was the only high school student with her little brother at her side having some cake there. No doubt I was soon about to engage in a business affair of my own.

I just happened to meet Mr. Smeeves in the park. He stopped me on my way back home and asked me if I was interested in purchasing something. He was very charming and I was persuaded by a promised treat at this particular café.


The Things I'll Never Say

Nothing of ny fancy to write today since I've still not finished reading HP yet, but I think I'll post the essay that won me fourth place for the Perdana essay-writing competition 2006 organized by the Perdana Leadership Foundation for today..

Question: Select one of Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers and discuss his contributions to the country.

Title: Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad: Malaysian Mindset and Modernization Metamorphosis.

In its forty-nine years of independence, Malaysia has been governed by five Prime Ministers, namely, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad; and the current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. However, it was Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who brought about the greatest changes to our nation.

In my opinion, even though the other Prime Ministers have also made numerous contributions, it was Tun’s contributions which made the most impact on Malaysia as his visions were thought of to be radical yet extremely effe…

Stars Are Blind

I home for RAya!!
PMR just finished and all the suspense seems to be killing me...
I just got my hands on the new HP book and am currently in the process of reading it. Review soon to come.
HAPPY EID to fellow Muslims!