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I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely

-The Used-

Whew! A whole week of not studying! That is totally odd after months of marathon study for PMR. I'm currently in the post-'post Brooke' phase. 4 whole days of babysitting an eleven-year-old orang asli..hurm.. a pretty educational experience, I might say..for me..but I'm not sure if it is the same for her, though. Sadly, I have this dreaded feeling at the pit of my heart that she has learnt nothing from me. To make the story short, these indigenous children are very passive and need food (lots of it, i repeat, lots of it!) to continually fuel their interest in learning. I did have fun during the closing ceremony though, and was satisfactorily entertained by Nasrur and Rizu's (two very talented and outstanding orang asli pupils who learn quite fast in comparison to others and are musically-inclined) rendition of Ungu's song, Demi Waktu, Jinbara's song, Kasihnya laila, Irwansyah's Pencinta Wanita and lots more.. Nasrur can sing and play the guitar while rizu sings and charms the crowd with his cheeky antics. Well, enough about them.. the orang asli girls, on the other hand, did their Nasyid performance and wow-ed the crowd with their angelic voices. not bad for orang asli. Overall, it was a memorable expeerience for me and I shall never forget my first encounter with the indigenous kids..they're just normal human beings, aren't they? definitely not cavemen!!
Ah well, the strange thing is, i met my mum's cousin (we call him Pak Lang Adon, I think) during the opening ceremony. it turned out that my mum's cousin's wife (Mak Cik Endon) is the Senior Assistant of Administration for SK Post Brooke. Another weird thing is that I'm actually related to Aslam (Pak Lang's son) who is an MCKK BM debater. Oh my God! After all this while...
Okay, it's a small world after all..


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