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To The End

Yet another MCR song for a blog entry title, hahahah
well, in about 3 more days, I'll be packing up to go back to school and face FORM FOUR. yipes!
A new year, a new challenge...I'm so anxious...
befor we move on to 2008, we'll do a quick recap of the year 2007 in NANa's World:
1) Form Three
PMR for me
O.W.L.s for Harry
2) first agenda of the year is Golf MSSK for the second time, did better, but always played for last
Still felt like yesterday to me and times just pass so fast
3) public speaking again for the second time, still didn't win
4) Faisal dropped out of debate and I was in
5) Triangle of Three for me, Syakir and Akim
Boy, was the rivalry grim
6) Damn, BM cost me tears
7) My BI was so severe
I lost to Akim, dear
8) I lost my Librarian status
9) Golf and I went on a temporary hiatus
10) now that I'm back, my skills were worse
11) and I was so exhausted when my drama team starts to rehearse
12) all in all, the memories are sweet
the drama team's triumph drove othe…

Straight Up

Result's finally out!!!
so relieved!
It's like the end of PMR and helloooo SPM!!!!
Faris got 82% of students with straight A's. Good job guys! Lucky that I'm one of them too... Alhamdulillah....So thankful after all the blood and tears shed for PMR.
That was actually the first time I actually 'worked' for something. Yay me, I 'berusaha' at least, that's good enough..compared to UPSR at that time, I didn't give much of a damn to it as I did for PMR.
I've been doing a synopsis for Antologi Anak Laut. I happen to read the cerpen 'Lambaian Malar Hijau' and it kinda reminded me to the Post Brooke kids that we babysat. I secretly wished they had the spirit that the character Daneng had to excel in his academics and obtain a better life for himself and his indigenous community. actually, it sholud apply to all schoolchildren. If they had that conscience, they would take that same initiative to do better and try harder to obtain more from their l…

So Sadly True.. ( - _ -, )

Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2007 6:42 PM
Subject: Please do read,I rarely post a buletin.=P(Thanx)
Message: DURING this school holidays,I've been
going out with old friends.NOT old of
age kind of friends,k?ANYWAY,these
people are all different types : the
popular,the genius,the outcast,n the
normal.I'VE observed their attitudes
towards each other,everyone hates the
outcast.BECAUSE the outcast are weird
and disturbed.THEY hate them because
they are attention-seekers n they seek
attention in weird ways.IN a
nutshell,they hate them because they
are just different.I realised that
this happens everywhere.IN the end,the
outcasts are stuck in their own kind
and they don't recieve help from
others and in the end continue their
strange activities even worse just to
make others realise their presence.I
think this is very,very sad.WHO
doesn't?I know some of the non-outcast
people tried to help and in the end
got sick of their ways.SOME stop being
friends because they are scared they
will be seen as an …

Cry Me A River

Just finished reading the Form 4 textbook novel for BM next year. A very dpressing and slow-paced story of war and the ugliness of human nature in desperate times. It's not sad (for me), it's just very heavy and disturbing to read. A. Samad Said (a Malaysian version of Dumbledore- no, I'm serious!) totally knows how to play with the emotions and drama. When I wrote the synopsis, it mostly consisted of describing lengths and lengths of conversation between the characters. It is definitely not a book of hope as it shows the characters being so helpless and just accept their fate. You can kind of imagine what it's like during wartime when watching Steven Spielberg's War Of The Worlds, except without the human-vapourizing alien robot things. Just so you know, the movie nearly made its place in my heart, if not for its oh-so-unexplosive ending. Spoilt everything! Anyway, back to the textbook reviews. (I'm so damn bored that I wrote reviews on textbooks! bah!)The ant…