Thursday, December 13, 2007

So Sadly True.. ( - _ -, )

Date:Wednesday, December 12, 2007 6:42 PM
Subject: Please do read,I rarely post a buletin.=P(Thanx)
Message: DURING this school holidays,I've been
going out with old friends.NOT old of
age kind of friends,k?ANYWAY,these
people are all different types : the
popular,the genius,the outcast,n the
normal.I'VE observed their attitudes
towards each other,everyone hates the
outcast.BECAUSE the outcast are weird
and disturbed.THEY hate them because
they are attention-seekers n they seek
attention in weird ways.IN a
nutshell,they hate them because they
are just different.I realised that
this happens everywhere.IN the end,the
outcasts are stuck in their own kind
and they don't recieve help from
others and in the end continue their
strange activities even worse just to
make others realise their presence.I
think this is very,very sad.WHO
doesn't?I know some of the non-outcast
people tried to help and in the end
got sick of their ways.SOME stop being
friends because they are scared they
will be seen as an outcast
themselves.I don't blame them.IT'S
just tht everyone wants to be approved
by the society.EVEN the popular
ones.THE popular people are also
attention seekers,it's just that they
seek it in a different way.WHY people
can't just accept people for what they
are?IF every single teenager is
accepted by the society,there would
not be any juvenile crimes n this
silly system of group would be
gone.I'M sick of this whole
system.SOME disregard others because
of what they are just to feel high and
mighty,if not,just better than
them.ANYWAY,the main thing is just
accept people for what they are and
also help them if you
can.REMEMBER,what goes around,comes
around.CLISHE',isn't it?=P

taken from Friendster Bulletins posted by Anati.

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