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Wish List 2

My first wish list was in January 2009. So far, I only got The Book Thief. The other two I have yet to see it anywhere.

Okay, if I were going out for a movie, I haven't watched these (I know I'm so outdated):

1. How To Train Your Dragon
2. Percy Jackson
3. Clash Of The Titans
4. Kick Ass
 5. It's Complicated (I have the DVD. I haven't the 'right' time to watch it yet)
6. Sherlock Holmes ( ditto)
7. The Bounty Hunter (Gerard Butler's hot)
8. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
9. Valentine's Day
10.Iron Man 2
11. IP Man

coming out, that I'd also like to watch:

1. Prince of Persia
2. The Runaways (Dakota getting snogged by Kirsten Stewart, haha. I am a fan of their music also, I guess, I mean The Runaways)
3. Furry Vengeance

um, apa lagi ye?

but soon the list will be growing.

Wangsa Walk Mall's TGV has opened, I think. If only I could drive properly, I could easily drive myself there and catch a movie everyday. *daydreams*

I have been posting essays and reviews…

Tough Love

"I promise I won't hurt you, " you said.

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"You'll have to trust me, I guess. You're with me now, so you kind of have to."

Sounds vaguely familiar, like I've heard it before in real life. haha.

You know what people say about niat tak menghalalkan cara? It rings true in Lucy Christopher's Stolen: A Letter To My Captor. The ending proved it! No, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

First of all, it was weird, dry like the desert and tiring. It seemed endless, yet all the same, the permise was interesting. I know, I just finished reading a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast with a modern twist, this book, makes the other book very romanticized. This is more of a real deal, if people actually went for the Beauty and the Beast formula. Hold someone captive to make the person learn to love you.

Yeah, and I used to believe that you can't force someone to love you, but what if it was done under the ri…

mushy stuff

I still have Stolen to read. I'm done with Alex Flinn's Beastly.

Oh, It's coming out as a movie, by the way. You can read about it here:

Vanessa Hudgens is playing the heroine, by the way, (raises eyebrows).

Overall, it's still considered a kid's book, although I think there was one mention of 'b****', and all that 'sensitive hormone-overriding scenes' are figuratively and vaguely described. (like what I'm doing now). A few mention of groping, but nothing else than that, it's pretty mild.

Some parts were damn funny, while some parts don't really come across as brilliant for me, and it seems just like a change of name and place for the characters. You know, like a Malaysianised spy or actione hero movie or something. (you know, what movies I'm referring to, and local movies are not that original, save for Yasmin Ahmad's and v…

ini bukan exam essay, but it could have been.

The smell of fresh lavender woke me to my senses. Where the heck am I? was my first thought. I was completely unaware of who I was at that time, and where or how did I get to that place. It was too captivating that I simply forgot about my pathetic existance.

I was lying in a field of lavender under azure skies amidst a background of verduent pastures. This was too good to be true. A lean figure was bent over me, temporarily obscuring the brilliant sunlight bathing over me. The figure smelt of intoxicating cologne, and the warmth of his skin brushed against the coldness of mine. I wore nothing but a white lace dress. I closed my eyes as he carressed my face, and suddenly, the touch of his hand felt rough. He held my face in both his hands and started shaking my head from side to side, abruptly and violently.

I woke up with a start. My eyes were bleary, and a faint sound of an animal's cry was heard. The surrounding was dark.

"HEY!!" A voice bellowed.

Instantly, my bubble…

Exam Essay Lagi

I liked this one, and the same title came up for SPM:

Mid-Year exam 2009


I felt the light fingers gingerly unwrap the bandage around my eyes. “Why is it taking so long?” I thought to myself.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you exactly?” The nurse asked. What a way to strike a conversation with a woman, huh? Okay, I was just seventeen, but I hope she didn’t notice that.

I was too ashamed to answer. People judge others by their looks, so, many speculations and preconceived perceptions arouse regarding their age. Some might regard me too old for my age, while others find me too young. Despite the contrast, it can still be concluded that I don’t act my age, based on how I looked.

The nurse sighed with my lack of response, but continued her effort to carry a conversation. “How did you get into this mess? Was it an accident?”

Was it an accident? It was a long story. Should I tell her? What business does she have to know my so-called private life? She wouldn’t believe me if I…

more exam essays

I wasn't very proud of this one. It was long and dragging and without purpose, and I ended it abruptly because I ran out of time:

Mid Year Exam 2008

Cassandra Von Tempest looked up into the ashen sky, blanketed with sheets of grey cumulonimbus clouds. Thunder rolled. It was beginning to rain in Hazelnut Avenue.

The tall, raven haired girl picked up her bags in a rush and scrambled to the doorstep of the dilapidated house.

“Hello?” Cassandra called out, hoping to hear a response.

“Hello?” She looked around.

“Hello? Is anybody home?”

“Yes, dear!”

An elderly woman with snow white hair greeted her with a wrinkled smile. “Cassandra, is that you?”


The old lady chuckled. “Grandaunt, actually. Grandma’s dead. Now, it’s just you and me.”

Cassandra was a little disheartened. Was she totally alone with no other relatives other than this old woman?

“Come, I’ll show you to your room.” The old woman stretched out a beckoning hand to Cassandra. She took it cautious…

My Exam Essays (I should get it copyrighted)

I'm posting my exam essays that I typed. well, there are some still with my teachers that I haven't typed, and yes, I were proud of those. I hope they don't lose it. They always lose things. :(

Ujian Prestasi Ogos


Ever wondered why fishes go to school? Well, I do, and until now, I still do not know the answer to that question.

Hello there, I’m Kitty the pomfret. I know, it’s a funny name, but being a pomfret is a funny thing too.

All fishes, in general, live and travel in schools, usually, of course, with the same kind of fish. For me, I like to mix around. It is a lot more fun to mingle with other fishes from different walks of life.

I have a little circle of friends. We call each other ‘classmates’, since we cannot really classify ourselves as a school of fish because we are all not the same type of fish!

The only male in the gang is Ben the Barracuda. He just moved here recently from the Indian oceans. He is very exotic, you see. He has one of the most beautifu…

I know dah lepas, but..

saja. for academic purposes.

I remembered my task for Khazanah's second stage assessment. We had to promote health tourism in Malaysia. Today, I found in the KPJ Ampang Puteri booklet on Health Tourism.

10 Reasons To Make Malaysia A Preferred Medical Travel Destination:

Malaysia's favourable exchange rate and the cost of healthcare services is at an extensively lower cost than that of other countries.

Extensive investments have been made to ensure that all medical centres are equipped with modern facilities, and internationally accredited hospitals of Malaysia are capable of handling the latest techniques and procedures. These state-of-the-art facilities focus on what matters: more effective, efficient and pleasant solutions for patients.

Doctors in Malaysia are highly experienced. Having been involved in numerous groundbreaking procedures and revolutionary researches whic…

I feel like losing my cool

seriously, I get it, five years of enslavery to homework and tutorial classes in boarding school, that sometimes seems to be violating our holidays, but to endure six months of lepak???????

my whole life is wasting away.

God, why does it take such a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggg time to process the scholar list?

shouldn't they just make it snappy so that we can further our studies right away?

and the government blames us youths for all those immoral activities and social ills.'re leaving us to die of boredom here! You think that everybody has the money to register as a private student for a SAM at Taylor's or what??

I'm going to graduate old.


I know, I'm complaining and people will surely say, "chill, you'll be missing this."

I get it, once I start studying again, I'll complain of endless assignments, but it's way better complaining about that than complaining about my life being wasted away.


more from Facebook

My friend, Fikri secured a scholarship from YTN for power engineering course in UK, and will be going to KYUEM for two years of A-levels. (Good job, lad!)

I am posting his comment on my dad's wall, just to share about what power engineering is about (my blog is suddenly taking on a more educational approach now).

Fikri: i better drop off my comment here, btw, uncle pasal programming tu. what kind of programing? & bout the class, so i have to take the class on my own or isit included in my a level programme? then, so u also been studying at cardiff uni, wales ?
sorry for asking so many questions. :)

my dad: It depends, microcontrollers (assembly language), high-level programming langguage sucxh as C/C++. You need to have a more broader knowledge and skills. I am not familiar with UK system but in Malaysia, normally Power Engineering graduates are not strong in programming compared to graduates from American universities.

Fikri: oh, i see. so, this mean i've to take some extr…


I know, many people ask me that.

Usual reactions always include, "you're damn good in writing and English, why not be a lawyer? It suits your rebellious streak."

"why not medicine? you look like the studious type, your results are capable for applying a course in medicine. your Biology's (grade) quite strong".

"why not an Economist? engineering sounds too 'lasak' for you."


"why not be a politician? you seem to be talking like one."

hell no. I will never ever be a politician.

okay, here are a few things I considered when making my career choice:

1. I LOVE money, but I love earning it, not calculating it, nor producing it. So, accountancy and business is out of my league.
2. I LOVE Biology, but the thought of cutting open a human being, it freaks me out.
3. I LOVE Debating, but only as a past time, not as a lifelong job.

so, why exactly Biomedical Engineering?

one thing, I can't let my passion for Biology go to wa…

from Facebook

Aiman Naim posted on my wall: Allowances - Petronas gives Rm 500-550 a month but when you go overseas, it's lesser compared to Bank. JPA allowances are never enough, you need to standby cash....The BNM gives just sufficient for you to survive, very little for extra spending, it depends on which part of a country you go, let's say if you are studyin...g in a city like Taylors bound/ London scholars, Bank scholars get more allowances. But if you are KTJ student - RM 120 a month only (because you do not need to spend any money at all, everything is provided from laundry to food, no worries/temptations.

Laptop allowancesBank and petronas scholars get laptop allowances - RM 3500 for your whole course from pre-u to uni. JPA - nah..RM0

SportsBank and Petronas give RM 200 per year for buying sports equipmentJPA - nah..RM 0

Breaching BondsJPA- easiestBNM and Petronas - Haha! you wait la... very few people get to do so.(copy pasted dari zhi ming.credits to zhi ming!)nak share knowledge …


*gambar hiasan semata-mata.sorry, abang dayat, I borrow your pic*

not to say that I'm not thankful for being a girl, I like being one. it's just that. In terms of career, it's much easier to be a guy because:
1. you have to provide for the family.people expect you to work.whereas for women, even people nowadays still expect them to stay at home. 2. your plus points is in your extra physical strength. you can take all that physical stress. 3. engineering is so a 'guy thing' (yeah, I know I'm gender stereotyping) 4. you can get married and still not get tied down. you can still easily do your masters and phd, if you're a girl, once you have a husband and kids, it's bye-bye freedom. 5. when you're a girl, it's always career versus family. for a guy, they can have both at the same time. it's hard to balance it out because women need to spend time at home with the kids, the kids shouldn't be brought up by their maids.

aiiiihhhh...tak  nak kahwinlah…

Trip to Kolantam

2 May to 5 May. My solo trip to Kelantan.

Started off with landing at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, PC. Azrizal, Syafirie, Rusydan, Syahiran, Amin, Omar, Jaji, Nizar and Yeen greeted me with birthday wishes. Really, I didn't expect a 'welcoming committee' from you guys!

So, Nizar sent abang to school, and I followed him up to his dorm. I nagged at him as I 'cleaned' his locker.

Then, Nizar, Amin and I headed for Alia's house. I remembered the lorong, but I didn't remember which house. After calling Alia for directions, only then did we find the house which was directly in front of the masjid, and Alia's mum went out to greet us. We went inside and chatted with her parents while waiting for her. Later on, after maghrib, it was off to KB Mall, the four of us. So, I walked around with Alia. Catching up on old times.

little did I know, they surprised me with a cake at McDonald's! Oh My God! That was all I could say, I mean, I havent had a birthday cake f…