Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wish List 2

My first wish list was in January 2009. So far, I only got The Book Thief. The other two I have yet to see it anywhere.

Okay, if I were going out for a movie, I haven't watched these (I know I'm so outdated):

1. How To Train Your Dragon
2. Percy Jackson
3. Clash Of The Titans
4. Kick Ass
 5. It's Complicated (I have the DVD. I haven't the 'right' time to watch it yet)
6. Sherlock Holmes ( ditto)
7. The Bounty Hunter (Gerard Butler's hot)
8. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
9. Valentine's Day
10.Iron Man 2
11. IP Man

coming out, that I'd also like to watch:

1. Prince of Persia
2. The Runaways (Dakota getting snogged by Kirsten Stewart, haha. I am a fan of their music also, I guess, I mean The Runaways)
3. Furry Vengeance

um, apa lagi ye?

but soon the list will be growing.

Wangsa Walk Mall's TGV has opened, I think. If only I could drive properly, I could easily drive myself there and catch a movie everyday. *daydreams*

I have been posting essays and reviews lately. Stuff to keep my mind off things, I guess. I know I still want to complete my Percy series and have that Life Of Pi book. It has been too long.

oh well.

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