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Heyyo. About seven days already I'm back in town. To keep it brief, I'm pretty content being with my family and all. Malaysian food, for some reason, I'm kinda over the excitement, well, maybe because I can get stuff pretty close to Asian stuff over there. Except for the stuff that I really can't get over there like weird cow parts. hahahaha

Anyways, after a few years in Canada, my conception of Malaysia is mainly based on stuff I read of Facebook, so I guess, it's about high time I get things back into perspective with this short visit.

So, what I've observed so far :

1. majalah picisan like gempak, etc are pretty updated on the latest stuff in anime. It's amazing that people are into/are aware of the same thing in real time all over the world. globalization, they say. use of whatsapp is also so rampant. and people are insanely fixated on tablets. face to screen at all times. this is not so in Canada. when they meet people, they face people, not screens.


Updated, sorta finalized version.

Faris Petra : Revisited
 Exactly four years ago, I stood at the podium, about to begin my speech for a slot during assemblies given to chosen students to deliver a 3-minute speech on any topic they pleased. So, I took a deep breath and started with “I can’t wait to leave this school.”
                Eyes were on me as I’ve said that almost blasphemous line, and so I added at the end, “but I will leave behind unforgettable memories.” I didn’t say it just to get myself out of the fix, I really did mean it.
               I wished the speech was more refined, as I went about it with no prepared text, and the words were as raw as it could get. I went on to talk about the memories I had from 2005 to 2009. I also said that I’d never find teachers such as this anywhere else in the world. Now, I guess I am old enough to testify to my own statement that I made four years ago. Indeed, it’s hard to find teachers who had as much dedication and compassion as they had back then, even if we couldn’t …