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Well, I'll be leaving tomorrow, early!

And I'm still partially traumatised by that delayed flight. Papa said that they don't have money for maintenance. That creeps me out even more.

A summary of this holiday is that I've watched a lot more TV than I ever did in previous holidays.

I watched Yes!man, Get Smart and Juno. Some of Pixar's animation on Disney Channel. (c'mon, laugh!)

I got my work done, yay me! Only add maths is left, which I will dutifully finish it after this post.

My house smells like a bakery. First it was the lasagne, and then the cupcakes.

I drove a car for the first time and I wasn't good at it.

My pendrive buat hal lagi and I can't watch anything on Youtube, which is good, because it keeps me off the computer temporarily.

My ipod is now being used, but the music consists of Foreigner, The Eagles, The Police, Ebiet G. Ade and one Nelly Furtado track, which was from Pa's laptop. You know how melecehkan it is with the itunes?

and Pa got me a…

Alphanz and The Dab

The title does not refer to a new indie band name, for that matter!

It was the Alpha Sivic Project: Collaboration with SMK Dabong.
This picture was edited by Mat Luq.

I don't really have the mood to elaborate long since my posts nowadays are very short.
The thing is, I never actually imagined it was....... fun?
But, on the first day, Cikgu Razuki got so excited to show us around, after Asar prayers they were all on a rush and they accidentally left me at the Dabong asrama. I was pissed obviously and I missed out on Gua Ikan and durian fest, but I didn't stick up being a sour puss throughoutla, I tried to be happy.. and it turned out alright. there were lots of other fun stuff there.
For instance, we got to see the Gunung Stong Waterfall. played in the stream with cikgu rodziah and cikgu mazinah Oh, and I did a blood glucose level test with a glucometer! and I also found out that my blood type is AB. and all of us totally pigged out on durians for three whole days. I don't know how…

Of Ramadan, Books and Lasagne

Okay, my fingers were itching for the keyboard, although I've accidentally cut one of it when I was cutting the carrots for the lasagne. Well, I can't call myself a cook compared to my chef of a sister.

we made two, one round one and one square one. This is the end product:

It was her idea to make the lasagne, but we all chiped in to get it done. This was before it was cooked. Cheese wonderland:

Yesterday, I went to MPH to spend my 300-worth vouchers. It turned out that my enthusiasm just died because not many of the titles actually made my mouth water, so I let my sis do her choosing. She chose a Stephen King 'Just After Sunset' and Jodi Picoult's 'Handle With Care.' Stephen King's was mildly crude in language, whereas Jodi Picoult's was a tad bit, well, I can't find the adjective for it, but all the same brilliant.

Seriously, I knew what was coming, it was the same 'My Sister's Keeper' formula with the medical lawsuit and family crisis…


Today was my first practical driving lesson. I did fine at first, but as time pass, I got worse. My God, I can't do the corners and sterring control was very difficult and I hate the clutch. I kept hitting the curb and stalling the engine. I just wonder if I could ever drive...

Much Ado About Nothing Really

I won't be blogging for a while after this. I want to blog so much on SOOOOOO many things..on H1N1 quarantine (yes! FARIS was 'infected')... DABONG....( I just got the pics, but I don't know if they 'survived')...and I' d want to put some pictures in my new flickr and videos from dabong on my new youtube account..well, yeah, but my mood was spoiled..anyway, I've got tons of work to do and lots to study for..

TAK LAMA DAH NAK lambat lg nak keluar sekolah!!!

and I come to wonder...will I get out of school with a smile on my face and my head held high..... or with tears streaming down my cheeks?

but still..I can't wait..

( tp...perrhhh..plkn plak yg menuggu..)

okaylah...dh bnyk duk bsedih-sedih ni.. sbnrnye nk release stress je, tp maybe ade yang membaca tu rasa stress kut baca post camni.. tak boleh stress sokmo



kpd kawan-kawanku yang bakal menghadapi SPM,


oh, and do drop by my new flickr:…

Close Call

I was ALMOST stranded in the Kelantan airport yesterday, thank God I made it back by two a.m. you can imagine how groggy I was! The flight was supposed to be at 4.35 p.m. but the engines had problem, so Izzat, Nafis and Faiz made it back earlier than I did. Oh well, another busy holiday for me. my pendrive has once again gone cuckoo, so I can't upload any videos or photos..gone with the wind, no need to elaborate much on the sadness that I feel. After what happened, I don't feel like touching the computer anymore. Just so you know, my account freeze for friendster and facebook starts today.