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Much Ado About Nothing Really

I won't be blogging for a while after this. I want to blog so much on SOOOOOO many things..on H1N1 quarantine (yes! FARIS was 'infected')... DABONG....( I just got the pics, but I don't know if they 'survived')...and I' d want to put some pictures in my new flickr and videos from dabong on my new youtube account..well, yeah, but my mood was spoiled..anyway, I've got tons of work to do and lots to study for..

TAK LAMA DAH NAK lambat lg nak keluar sekolah!!!

and I come to wonder...will I get out of school with a smile on my face and my head held high.....
or with tears streaming down my cheeks?

but still..I can't wait..

( tp...perrhhh..plkn plak yg menuggu..)

okaylah...dh bnyk duk bsedih-sedih ni.. sbnrnye nk release stress je, tp maybe ade yang membaca tu rasa stress kut baca post camni.. tak boleh stress sokmo



kpd kawan-kawanku yang bakal menghadapi SPM,


oh, and do drop by my new flickr:

and to fellow muslims, SELAMAT BERPUASA

till next time, SALAM..


aRiFF hAFIZi said…
rileks la..

sm1 told me, pergi ke plkn dgn tangisan air mata (xmhu pergi!!)
tpi ble time nk blek mnagis jugak..(xnk blek..)

best la plkn...tpi lama cgt la
Anonymous said…
slamat berpose gak KAM...
wlaupun aku tau ko x leh pose penuh tapi aku harap ko dapat beribadah berlancar-lancarnya...
cedanz said…
"TAK LAMA DAH NAK lambat lg nak keluar sekolah!!!"

konpius r ngn pnyataan nie...hux3,,

nyway,,GOOD LUCK 4 SPM...

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